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2013 Interior Design Trends in Singapore

The New Year is here and with it are new trends in fashion and interior design. Interior design in Singapore isn’t isolated. In fact, it normally follows global trends. Here, we unveil the interior design trends in Singapore for 2013:


  1. Tribal patterns and decors. Tribal prints and decors have been making their mark for years and this year, they are not going anywhere. Tribal prints give you a homey, casual feel. The good news is, you don’t have to travel the world just to find great tribal decors. You can shop online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.
  2. Horn decors or something similar. Yes, horn decors have been there for quite a while too. But not everybody would go crazy of adding horn decors into their interior design – especially not in Singapore. However, if you are one of the exceptions, you can always add horn decors as bookends, ash trays, flatware and similar accent pieces.
  3. Menswear inspired texture, design and hues. Yes, fashion and interior design overlap in this trend. Polished pieces such as a couch covered in wool and tweed, pinstripe or plaid are great ways to add crispness to your home. Rich leather in dark brown and mahogany will do perfectly well too.
  4. Jewel hues – especially emerald. The colour of the year is emerald, so declared the fashion mavens. Of course, interior design in Singapore would surely incorporate that trend. Choose jewel tones, especially deep, rich emeralds. These hues, including amethyst, jade and ruby red add sophistication and elegance to any space.
  5. Velvet beyond the underground. Since we are already venturing into the rich and luxurious textures, why not go for velvet. This year, velvet is one of the go to materials. Whether it be for furniture covers or tufted settees, velvet can work well to make your interior design in Singapore look more elegant.

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