These are the 2024 Interior Design Trends to Follow in Singapore

  • Jan 20, 2024

It’s that time of the year again for trend predictions! And no one is as excited in the office as I am (as the official trend person). Our track record of accurate projections in the past makes this year’s predictions even more highly anticipated! So without further ado, let’s dive into the potential trends that might shape Singapore’s interior design scene in 2024. Will they materialise? Only time will tell. 

Get onboard the brown/beige bandwagon

In terms of colour palettes, browns and beiges will continue to dominate in the early part of 2024 at least Achieved usually through a tone-on-tone look, these hues evoke feelings of serenity, cosiness and comfort, which can’t be said of other popular neutrals like greys or all-white. It's a palette that's remarkably timeless, so it's no wonder they are attracting people in droves. Take cues from the colours of the year 2024, such as Nippon Paint's Sandcastle or Pantone's Peach Fuzz, which features a more salmony tone but follows the same spirit with this trend. 

Design: Shed Studio
Built: Reimage Decor
Photography: Studio Periphery

Design: Oblivion Lab 

But it also seems that bold colours are coming to the fore 

In a direct confrontation against the first trend, it seems bold colours are also in (if TikTok has anything to do with it). So if you are not feeling the browns and beiges maximalist folks, then fully embrace rich, saturated drama. 

We are seeing primary colours being a popular palette choice, as well as kaleidoscopic hues that will make any maximalist blush. If you prefer just one single bold statement, try colours like a sultry emerald green or a deep burgundy.  If spaces could be “extra”, these are it:

Design: Knock Knock Studio 

Design: Knock Knock Studio

Cylindrical legs are going to be a thing

Thin legs are so over in 2024. This year, we are embracing round, thick calves for our counters and tables. This trend is likely a carry-over from the previous year’s curve craze. It’s definitely a look I’m 100% on board with, functionality and aesthetic wise, because hello stability (!), and they do help to break up all that edges and lines commonly seen on counters and tables.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior 

Design: Blend by ImC

Textured surfaces FTW! 

A lot of the browns and beiges in homes are mostly achieved through textured paint, limewash or micro cement though, rather than conventional paint. Textures, as we’ve said ad infinitum in here, make a space a lot more dynamic and visually interesting. And with browns and beiges’ tendency to be a bit bland, inviting more texture will help to add interest and is definitely welcomed.

It’s not just subtle textures that are having the time of day though, we are seeing more homes embracing characterful, craggy surfaces that really help to make their spaces stand out from the crowd. Think brush plaster walls or even surfaces laid with tiles that mimic the texture of mountains.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

Design: BuildBuilt

Move aside shower glass, solid walls are coming your way 

Exploding shower screens, troublesome soap scum stains, icky gunk on silicone joints… it’s no wonder people are ditching shower glass doors for solid shower walls as a practical splashguard alternative. Incorporate these walls as an extension of your shower area by tiling them or leaving them uncovered and apply plaint specifically designed for bathroom use. If you add shelves, they can also help to double up on your storage space.

The downsides? Blocking of natural light if your window’s in the shower area and more grout cleaning if you choose to tile them!

Design: Shed Studio 
Built: Just Build Pte Ltd
Photography: Studio Periphery  

Design: INTR  

Play peek-a-boo with kitchen windows

The trend we are seeing more of in kitchens this year? The rise of the passthrough. Kitchen windows that make it convenient to pass things through, whether they are freshly prepared meals or dirty dishes. It also can’t hurt that they add so much character to the space. Almost like your kitchen’s a mini home of its own. Or an idyllic cafe. There are so many design possibilities for them too. We love the ones that come with fold-up windows or the arched ones that add a hint of fairytale charm.

Design: Sen Concept Interior Design

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

One big master bedroom to rule them all

Homeowners aren’t settling for cramped, tiny bedrooms. No siree, not in 2024. For those that can afford to sacrifice a room, they are tearing down walls and merging multiple bedrooms to create one supersized bedroom suite.

This interior design trend embraces the open concept even in the most private area of the home, offering a spacious bedroom that packs them all—dedicated closet area, vanity space and in some instances, even a designated workspace for all those work from home sessions.

Design: The Local Inn.terior 

Design: Authors Interior & Styling 

Large slab vanities for that spa-like session 

In the bathrooms, vanity counters are getting chunkier. Thick slabs that reveal gorgeous (manmade) marble veining are gaining traction in homes in Singapore. The look’s usually achieved by joining two pieces together at a right angle (mostly with sintered stone), and it’s a style that feels particularly luxurious, almost like a high-end spa. We love that it’s a great way to inject a bit of pattern in a neutral bathroom or just a way to showcase a gorgeous countertop material.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

Design: Comfort Home Interior 

Incorporating our pets’ needs into the interior design

With our furry companions playing such a significant role in our lives, we are likewise giving more thought to our pets' wellbeing when designing our interior spaces. We are seeing more people incorporating specialised pet-friendly designs into the overall design, such as convenient flap doors that let them move around freely, cat ladders for our feline friends to explore, dog wash stations, and even stylish litter boxes that seamlessly blend with our overall aesthetic.

Design: Chengyi Interior Design

Design: Yang's Inspiration Design

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