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Renovation Tips and Interior Design Inspiration

Work with the Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore

Tailor your home to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

At Renonation, we believe in creating individualised living spaces which speak to the aesthetic tastes and lifestyle needs of the people who live in them. Backed by years of experience in the new home renovation and interior design industry, we have developed a comprehensive range of renovation packages designed to suit a range of budgets. We’ve worked hard to build a network which encompasses the best interior design companies and renovation professionals so that they can offer the homeowners the highest calibre of services in Singapore.

Let Us Find the Right Interior Design Package for Your Home Renovation

With a network that encompasses some of the best renovation contractors in Singapore, Renonation is well-placed to provide clients with renovation packages which are tailored to their desired outcome and budget. Drawing on our well-established network of interior design firms in Singapore, we are able to pair homeowners with a firm that specialises in their aesthetic or the particular style of renovation and home interior design they are interested in completing for their home in Singapore. From HDB specialists who can make cramped condominiums feel spacious, to firms with a distinctive retro chic or modernist style signature, we are able to find the best renovation contractors for your home in Singapore.

Comprehensive Renovation Quotations to Help You Stay on Budget

We recognise that the cost of renovating your home and the looming possibility of going over budget is one of the key reasons why many Singapore home owners are reluctant to undertake to remodel on their home. As an experienced home renovation services provider who has worked with budgets that range from modest to luxury, RenoNation is well placed to provide you with realistic renovation quotations that enable you to accurately estimate what your costs will be. When we look at which interior design package best suits your needs, the budget is one of our chief considerations. The renovation quotations we provide are tailored to your means to give you a realistic idea of what it will cost to renovate your dream home in Singapore.

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