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Want a Different Feature Wall for your Home?

This illustration was for the wall of advertising agency group Havas Worldwide. The brief was to interpret various events and cultural references that revolve around the theme ‘uncommon sense’, which the company believes in. Events and metaphors were weaved into a giant brain. Examples include how food packaging affects consumer choice, how athletes beat the odds with mathematical knowledge.


Printed as a decal, the final artwork was mounted on a red wall.


Fine Arts. Visuals appear in your mind as watercolours, brushes, frames and paintings. It all seems like centuries ago, in the early cultural history.

Today we have an opportunity to look at fine arts on modern context. What you saw above is an art by Adeline. She’s a Singaporean illustrator, and here are some of her other works you may consider to have it on your feature wall.

After engaging this, you can truly claim that you have a ‘Feature Wall’. No two paintings are the same.


Q: Why are you interested in manual illustration than digital illustration?

I like little imperfections and textures that are hard to replicate in digital illustrations.

Q: How many methods are there to illustrating a wall?

There are probably more methods than I know of, but for now I would either paint directly on the wall or mount a printed decal.

Q: Is there a specific design theme you like?

I personally prefer things with a little bit of humour and pop culture references or things that relate to current events.

Q: In comparison to paint and wallpaper, how’s the maintenance like?

The factor taken into consideration between decal and paint is usually ease of removal, price and colour accuracy.

Q: What’s the biggest work you’ve done so far?

It was an 8m long bus for Lululemon.

Commissioned by yoga-inspired lifestyle apparel company Lululemon, I was one of 3 local artists to visually interpret one of their company’s manifestos as a typographic mural.


For a better visual effect and ease of reading, the bus was covered in a grey background and the text was adapted accordingly.


Q:What is the approximate cost homeowners are looking at to engage your services?

It depends on complexity and size required.

Q: Other than walls, what are other platforms you have done your artwork on?

I have done custom paint work on trolleys, a bus, designer toys and also do commissioned work on album sleeves, T-shirts, cutlery, canvas, paper and printed material like magazines and books.

A large format illustration was made for Tinké, a mobile app that measures your heart rate and monitors your fitness and wellness with the touch of a finger. In the world of healthy living and fitness, King Kong’s captive is no longer a helpless damsel, Forrest keeps on running, Popeye’s can of magic spinach never runs out, and fruit ninjas decapitate donuts for fun.


Q: If a homeowner wish to have your services, what is the one advice you will give them?

Your wall colour may influence or affect the mural that will be mounted or painted on. Do consider leaving it white until you have decided on the content and colour scheme of the mural, it may save you time and money.

This record sleeve artwork was made for the Secret 7″ exhibition, where creatives around the world work on 7″ album sleeves for 7 chosen tracks. You don’t know who created the sleeve, or which song it’s for, until you’ve unwrapped the sleeve you’ve purchased. Sold at £50 each, proceeds go to Nordoff Robbins. My chosen track was St Vincent’s Digital Witness, a song about social media addiction.


Invited to each create an illustrated Facebook fact to be displayed at the launch of Facebook’s Singapore Headquarters in 2011, my assigned Facebook fact is: “The average Facebook user has 130 friends and creates 90 pieces of content each month” . This was visually interpreted as a giant burger, as the amount of content uploaded each month would average out to 3 pieces per day, similar to the number of meals an average person has.


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