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50 must see inspirational home office ideas for your home renovation!

50 must see inspirational home office ideas for your home renovation

With the right setup, a small room or even a tiny corner can be transformed into a functional yet amazing home office. Since modern apartments are usually short on space, homeowners have to be both resourceful and creative when it comes to setting up a functional office at home.

Challenges faced by Homeowners

In fact, homeowners have to think of ways to maximize the whatever space they have by utilizing vertical spaces through the use of racks and display shelves. Furthermore, an L-shaped or a specially customized desk helps homeowners to maximize those awkward nooks. In recent years, homeowners also have turned to mobile pull out office desks which can be easily towed away when it is not in use in order to create more working space.

Due to the limited space, many homeowners have also made their bedrooms pull double duty by incorporating a small office at the corner of the room. However, this is only made possible by ingenious space saver solutions such as foldaway or Murphy beds!

Smaller Home Office

Fortunately, vast advancements in technology meant that computers, printers, fax and scanners are getting smaller, slimmer and more compact. In fact, some of the devices are now all-in-one solution; printer, fax and scanner in a box! In addition, with the proliferation of cheap cloud storage solutions, books and files of data can be stored online and thus, this greatly reduced the need for physical space. This translates to huge savings in space and as a result,  modern home office now takes up significantly smaller physical footprint.

Nevertheless, without further ado, here are some most inspiring yet functional compact home office ideas from around the globe!

1. Mobile Office

Setting up a mobile office meant that you can work from virtually any corner of your home.

compact home office 01Source: restorationhardware

compact home office 07Source: resourcefurniture

2. Pullout Desk

A pullout desk helps to keep the clutter from sight and keeps the place look neat and tidy. A perfect solution for neat freaks (like me)!

compact home office 16_1Source: thedesignerpad

compact home office 28Source: pinterest

compact home office 29Source: buzzfeed

compact home office 30Source: trendhunter

3. Small Nooks

The small corners of your apartment are actually perfect for setting up a small home office and they can be easily hidden from sight with the help of a curtain or closet doors.

compact home office 03Source: hgtv

compact home office 06Source: dekrisdesign

compact home office 17Source: bhg

compact home office 19Source: myfunnydesign

compact home office 20Source: eurostylelighting

compact home office 21Source: eurostylelighting

compact home office 23Source: gtrinity

compact home office 27Source: remodelista

compact home office 26Source: remodelista

4. Bedrooms

You can maximize your bedroom’s usable area through the use of Murphy bed so that there is suffice space for the desk and chair.


fuseconcept-lewood-010Interior Designer: Fuse Concept


Datlaz-Interior-Boy-RM1Interior Designer: D’Atlaz Interior

gs-id-mayflower-5Interior Designer: GS ID

LinearSpace-TheBeverly-04Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts

theminddesign-dawsonbto-03Interior Designer: The Mind Design


TIL-860JurongWest-06Interior Designer: The Interior Lab

A-Bedroom-viewInterior Designer: Maxwell Interior

juzinterior-tampines-06Interior Designer: Juz Interior

Interior Designer: D’Atlaz Interior


TheDesignAbode-Bishan-04Interior Designer: The Design Abode

UnityID-Woodcress-06Interior Designer: Unity Interior Design

compact home office 14Source: resources.made-in-china

compact home office 18Source: myfunnydesign

compact home office 24Source: resourcfurnitur

compact home office

compact home office 11

compact home office 13_1

compact home office 13_2

compact home office 12Source: resources.made-in-china

Bedroom Furniture Solutions Worthy Small Bedroom Furniture Solutions For Well Furniture For Small Pictures - Home Interior DesignSource: bizdale

compact home office 05Source: hiconsumption

5. Living Room

You can also consider maximizing the living room’s usage by dedicating a corner of your home office. The ideal place is usually next to the windows as there is ample natural light.

iPoise-RedHill-011Interior Designer: IPoise Interior Design

compact home office 08

compact home office 09Source: blog.domayneonline

compact home office 15Source: imbrandon


ADIWRKS-TheAnchorage-05Interior Designer: AD. I. WRKS


collectivedesign-hillcrest-02Interior Designer: Collective Designs

UrbanHabitat-upper-serangoon-13Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design

2ndPhase-30Kerrisdale-010Interior Designer: 2nd Phase Design

Maxwell-650senja-link-05Interior Designer: Maxwell Interior

AceSpace-TheLuxerie-03Interior Designer: Ace Space Design


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