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7 Bidadari BTO Designs to Inspire Your Own Home

Getting the keys to your Bidadari BTO flat soon? Here are some homes already done up by your neighbours to get you inspired for your own home.

1. Creature Comforts

Lounging areas in the communal spaces of this apartment such as the raised platform area in the living room and the bar table by the open kitchen create a casual cool vibe to the space. But it is the master bedroom that feels most indulgent.

Two of the bedrooms were hacked to create one huge space comprising a dry bathroom that doubles up as the vanity area, a walk-in wardrobe, as well as a sleeping zone cordoned off with curtains for added privacy. Because the sink is located outside, the master en-suite is now spacious enough to accommodate a bathtub.

Design: Swiss Interior Design

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2. Class Act

Characterised by a classic scheme of black, white and wood, this Alkaff Vista BTO feels at once timeless and chic. Yet it is not without the personal touches that make this a home. In the kitchen, the dining area extends out from the kitchen counter, doubling as an extra prep station. The open shelves that demarcate the cooking/eating space from the living room enables privacy without blocking out the light and airflow. But our favourite touch? The quirky wardrobe carpentry detailing in the bedroom that looks just like sharpened pencils.

Design: DSOD Interior

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3. Nordic Chic

One of the best things about the Scandinavian style is its ability to maximise light in the interiors, and this apartment definitely feels bright and breezy. Adopting a whitewashed colour scheme with greys and woods as accents, this home for a couple feels cosy, clean and soothing.

The kitchen is a gorgeous space and definitely one of the highlights in this Bidadari flat. Separated into a dry and wet kitchen area, it features lots of storage room and countertop space. The dry kitchen comes with a custom dining table that also serves as a baking station or a casual meal prep zone.

Design: Couple Abode

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4. Spectacular Hues

Besides the massive display of collectibles, one of the very first things you’ll notice in this home are the bold colours on the walls. The communal areas, including the gaming den, feature a very on-trend classic blue. The private quarters, where the master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe are combined into one large space, are decked out in forest green. The kitchen and bathrooms are set out in greyish tones. The colours help to define the function of the spaces, while lending visual interest as you walk through the apartment.

Design: Design 4 Space

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5. Functionality First

If serene and soothing are what you want for your own home, take a leaf from this Bidadari flat, which features a minimalist white and light wood scheme. Decorations and furnishings are kept to a minimum to avoid creating visual clutter, but what it does include, it ensures that it is practical.

To prevent fumes and grease from permeating the rest of the home during cooking, the kitchen is designed with a glass door and bi-fold glass windows that run across the peninsular counter. Designed with an overhang for legroom, the counter also doubles as a dining table on the other side so as to free up the need for an additional table. In another instance, a full-height cabinet was built in the service yard so as to hide housekeeping clutter. In the bedroom, a portion of the built-in wardrobe was carved out as a nightstand.

Design: VVid Elements

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6. Masculine Mode

Defining this 4-room Bidadari flat is a raw colour scheme with bold black accents, creating a chic, masculine vibe. Wood flooring was used throughout the home to lend warmth, ensuring that the space doesn’t feel overly cold or sterile. Instead of going with a full open plan, areas such as the home office and the kitchen were closed off behind glass dividers so that they can be used more efficiently without having to sacrifice visual spaciousness.

Design: Inizio Atelier

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7. Industrial Grunge

Decked out in exposed pipes, track lights and cement screed surfaces, this industrial style home features a zest of retro, which gives the space an interesting twist. You can see it most evidently in the dining area, where an old-school neon sign is hung against a wire mesh board and a Vespa wall art is mounted on the side of the wall. In the kitchen, floral backsplash tiles are set against a grungy backdrop.

Lots of display room throughout the home allow the homeowners to showcase their things. The kitchen island for instance features LED-illuminated open shelves by the side to put up frames. In the bedroom, open cubbies on one side of the wardrobe provide a podium to display fashion accessories.

Design: Design 4 Space

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