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Sometimes Less Is Really Is More – 5 Tips to create a Minimalist Home

What is Minimalist Interior Design?


“design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect”
quoted from Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition

A minimalist interior design is about exercising restraint, restraint and restraint in practically every aspect of the design process. To achieve this style, you have to strip the elements to their very core purpose and focus on the bare essentials for maximum impact. In short, this style focuses on simplicity in terms of function, form, structure and space.

Rethink Minimalism

The Minimalism interior design has gained significant traction in recent years since more homeowners have embraced Minimalism as a philosophy and a way of life. Thus, these homeowners have simply expanded this belief, that utilitarian aesthetic epitomize simplicity at its very best, to their living space too.

Why Minimalism Works

Minimalist spaces are actually beneficial to the homeowners’ health and happiness too! Miura (2016) cautioned that according to Houselogic, a team from UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families, women are more likely to suffer from high levels of the stress hormone cortisol when they are exposed to cluttered environments.

Furthermore, when the minimalism interior design is executed successfully, the outcome is a streamlined, no frills functional space. In essence, homeowners can look forward to a practical yet relaxing and serene environment.

5 Tips to create a Minimalist Home

Creating a minimalist home begins with decluttering and simplifying your life. Once you have achieved that, here are 5 additional tips to design and decorate with less to achieve a Minimalist home!

#1. Let there be light

Bare white walls, simple colour palette and minimum decorations with the help of generous amounts of natural light and adds a timeless appeal to a bright and airy space.

Design: The Monocot Studio

Design: Rezt Relax

Design: The Scientist

#2. Edit and declutter

Minimalist design is about eliminating extraneous design details with no elaborate decoration. Think of no frills, simplified interiors with lots of empty spaces.

Design: The Scientist

Image from  Home Designing

Image from Stories.cromly

#3. Emphasize clean form and structure

Simple form and structure takes precedence throughout the design process. Often, sleek, clean lines characterize this interior design style.

Images from int2architecture

Design: The Scientist

#4. Use elementary accent decorations

Do not go overboard with the use of decorative accents in a minimalist interior. Choose one focal piece instead of a couple of focal pieces. Keep the decorative elements simple and minimal. 

Design: The Monocot Studio

Image from Cutypaste

Image from Blazepress

#5. Deploy muted colours

Although in recent years, pastel pops of colours and darker shades have found their way into the minimalist homes, simple aesthetic designs are achieved through the usage of less distracting shade usually in the form of desaturated or muted colour palette.

Images from Roohdaar


Miura, S. (2016, May 16). This Is What Clutter Does to Your Brain. Retrieved from mydomaine:


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