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Bathroom Reno: Your Shower Head Checklist

Most Singapore bathrooms are too small to fit a bathtub. That’s okay, as showers are convenient to use and save more water than bathtubs anyway. In addition, they can be mounted onto the wall, saving precious space in small bathrooms like ours.

As you’re planning out your bathroom renovation, you might be wondering, what shower head should I get? Should I use back my old one? There’s nothing wrong with it anyway. Well, we’re here to convince you that the shower head is one of the most significant investments you should make when it comes to your bathroom, simply because it has the power to make or break your shower experience.

Weak water flow, inaccurate water temperatures, self-fluctuating thermostats… If that sounds like your shower head, then it’s high time you get educated on what makes a good shower head, so that you know how to cherry-pick the best for your bathroom.


If a shower to you is a relaxing, transformative experience, more than getting oneself clean, then you should go for rain showers. Unlike your basic workhorse shower head, which delivers a uniform water stream (and probably limited spray settings), the rain shower offers a spectrum of spray settings for a myriad of shower experiences. Take a look at the different spray modes below. From a waterfall-like gush to concentrated whirls, you can experiment with each spray mode for the most comfortable water massage!

A sampling of Hansgrohe spray modes

What’s more, a pulse mechanism in the rain shower makes sure the spray takes the form of water droplets, simulating rainfall as it hits our skin. Needless to say, overhead showers, which are bigger and situated directly overhead, work best for rain showers.

Hot or cold showers will not be possible without a thermostatic mixer to regulate water temperature and protect us from water that’s too hot. Too many times has the shower gone frigid or scorching hot on me, and I believe many of us have a similar experience, so a trusty thermostat is essential for ease of use and temperature control. There are many different types on the market, the design of which boils down to your taste and preferences. Just get one with a thermostat that’s not bonkers!

And if you’re a long-time shower user, you’ll notice that your shower head gets clogged with deposits over time. These are usually from the calcium or limescale in hard water, and while it’s perfectly natural for this to occur, it can be unsightly. Rather than scrubbing away at them, invest in a quality shower head. For example, the flexible silicone nubs on Hansgrohe shower heads are easy to wipe over for maintenance.

Showering can be such a luxurious experience with the right showerhead. Let Hansgrohe, a global market leader in the sanitation industry, assist you in creating the perfect shower experience.


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