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What To Look Out For When Finding The Perfect House

Looking for your dream house can be challenging, especially when you have plenty of factors to consider before deciding on the right one. I suggest that you update or create a new checklist. Take these essential Feng Shui insights along with you when viewing houses. This will definitely help you decide on the perfect house!

1. Bodies Of Water

Water features near the property is important.

Water features near the property are the most vital factors in the external environment to consider when analysing a potential home’s Feng Shui. These features play a key role in influencing how good or bad the house’s Qi will be. For good wealth and prosperity, Water that is flowing or located on the left side of the property is desirable. Do note that Water located behind a property denotes bad Feng Shui, unless the distance between the house and Water is significant.

2. Mountains Or Hills

Lookout for mountains or hilly areas around the exterior of the property.

Mountains influence the quality of Qi flow that your property will experience. You should look for houses that have natural mountainous features surrounding or overlooking the location. Look around the house’s exterior for any mountainous or hilly areas and observe the Mountain’s outward traits. A green and lush Mountain ushers in positive Qi, while a Mountain that has bald spots can disrupt Qi flow.

3. Bright Hall

An open space like a park or playground infront of the property is good.

The Bright Hall is an open space located directly in front of the property that allows positive Qi to be collected and circulated before entering the home and the rooms. You can identify if the property as a suitable Bright Hall present such as garden which is a strong sign of good Feng Shui.

4. Kitchen Island Concept

Avoid having your stove located at the Kitchen Island.

Having this feature in modern houses is really not an issue. However, if the stove is located on the kitchen island, in Feng Shui terms, it is deemed unfavourable. A stove in the centre of the kitchen exposes it to Qi from all sides, which will have negative effects on the food you cook and your health. Ensure that your stove is positioned against a wall for stability.

5. The Bed’s Location

Ensure the bed is located against the Yin feature instead of Yang.

Sleep is considered a Yin (passive) activity and so, the bed should be located against a Yin feature, such as a wall. This will help foster better quality of sleep. If you were to position the bed’s headboard against a Yang (active) feature like the room’s window, you or the occupants sleeping on the bed could experience health problems. You could also face a dip in work performance due to disrupted sleep patterns.

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