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What to Avoid in Interior Design: Placement

In the previous article, we discussed about adding quirks and personality to your home. Basically, this article is a guide will help you decide on what to do and what to avoid when it comes to deciding on your own home’s interior design.


  1. Avoid pushing all your large furniture up against the wall. One reason is this, eventually, if the paint job is not done very well, it will leave dark moisture marks on the wall. Also, putting all your furniture against the wall will make your room look like a hospital, a doctor’s office or a banker’s office instead of a cosy abode. Edges and straight lines create uncomfortable and unnatural space and discourage interaction among people within that room. Position your room in a way that it promotes interaction and eye contact among you and your guests. Also, if you have larger spaces, try putting your couch and seats together in a more intimate manner, and leave the extra space to storage.
  2. Avoid choosing the paint and wallpaper colour or patterns first. Many people who do DIY interior design fail because they paint their walls first or add in wallpaper without considering the main theme and motif of their home. Ideally, picking paint should come last. The reason behind it is this: it is difficult to find furniture to match the colour of your paint, but it is a lot easier to choose among the myriad of colours the right paint for your chosen furniture. The most recent trend nowadays is choosing bold accent walls. Most interior design professionals, however, advice against it especially if you are only doing DIY interior design. You might choose the wrong shade or you might choose a very contrasting shade which would be a total disaster. If you are one of those people who want a rainbow home and prefer to paint the room in a myriad of unique colours, you have to know that it will make the whole house look choppy and disconnected. The best way to go about this is to choose three shades of the same colour.

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