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How to Create a Small Yet Luxurious HDB Bathroom

Luxury is often associated with the large, expansive bathroom. But a small HDB bathroom can feel just like a luxury spa with a bit of ingenuity. We give you the top 10 tips:


1. Hide the clutter

The plushest of bathrooms are free of clutter, with only the best bath amenities – Aesop hand wash, anyone? – on display. The key to achieving a clutter-free space is to a) keep unnecessary toiletries outside the bathroom and b) build proper storage.

For the latter, consider wall recesses that unobtrusively organise your knick-knacks or mirrored cabinets that let you stow away your essentials while helping you look your best.

Design: Distinctidentity


2. ‘Floating’ vanity and toilet

If you’re thinking of splurging a little, a wall-hung vanity and toilet should be in your list. Floating vanities offer up a streamlined, expensive look, while the appeal of floating toilets is that they help conceal the water tank so you get a bathroom that feels more minimalist and contemporary.

This design also gives the illusion of a larger floor space and it makes it easier to clean your bathroom floor. Now, how’s that for functional luxury?

Design: The Monocot Studio


3. Get a backlit mirror

Backlit mirrors are a staple in luxury hotel bathrooms, which is reason enough to have it in your own en suite. But if you need more convincing, the light that emits from behind your mirror is a lot more even than with pendants or spotlights, which tend to cast annoying shadows. This makes it a lot easier to apply your makeup or shave properly.

A backlit mirror also adds a visual depth to your petite bathroom and creates an instant focal point to your space.

Design: The Association


4. Marble for an aura of luxury

Marble has always been associated with luxury, so it’s a natural choice to use it to create a luxurious look. Of course, real marble in a wet zone like your bathroom is a recipe for disaster so opt for marble-lookalikes tiles to recreate this luxe aura in your bathroom.

You can choose to clad the entire space in marble print, but make sure you’re using a print that has softer grains for that natural elegant appeal. Brassier veins should be restricted to smaller doses. Pro tip: Opt for large-format tiles that come with fewer grout lines.

Design: Reimage Decor


5. Throw in a tub, if you can

Practically, having a tub in a small HDB bathroom isn’t the most sensible. But luxuriously speaking? Yes, please! There are tubs out there that can accommodate the size of your small space.

The designers at Fifth Avenue Interior covered a part of the wall in mirror panels to expand this bathroom visually. As a result, the space doesn’t feel overly cramped despite having incorporated a tub:

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior


6. The ‘peek-a-boo’ bathroom

We get that the open-concept bathroom isn’t for everybody. But it’s a great way to open up your small space and invite lots of light in, lending a spa-like quality to your bathroom

Feeling shy? Incorporate blinds that let you have the best of both open and closed worlds.

Design: Ants Interior Studio


7. Keep the palette simple

Simplicity is often the best policy when you want your bathroom looking like an escapist sanctuary. Keep the colour scheme simple and preferably neutral. Not only is a neutral colour scheme more timeless, it’s also a lot more soothing for the senses. Think shades of beige, soft whites, greys or even black.

Design: Ehka Studio


8. Metallic accents

From faucets and shower heads to vanity knobs and towel bars, your bathroom hardware can be the best place to add that bit of luxury to your space. Keep to a warm metal if you want to warm up your space or if you wish to juxtapose against a cooler overall palette.

Warm metals like brass or gold complement well with darker bathrooms for a moodier vibe. A cooler metal like silver or chrome helps to brighten up a space and they pair nicely in a fresh, modern atmosphere.

Design: VOILÀ


9. Double sinks

For a bit of high-end glamour (and less jostling with your partner in the mornings), double sinks are an obvious choice. But in a small HDB bathroom, it’s most likely a logistical impossibility. We have a way around it: install the his-and-hers sink just outside your actual bathroom.

Design: The Association


10. Install a rain shower

If you’re not one for a tub, consider a rain shower instead. This oh-so-pampering accessory elevates your shower experience immeasurably, with streams of water cascading down on you to give you the ultimate bath time treat. Do consider incorporating a separate regular shower head though, that helps you reach places that your rain shower can’t.

Design: VOILÀ


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