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Affordable Renovation Packages in Singapore

Not everybody can afford those pricey renovation packages offered by reputable and established renovation contractors in Singapore. If you are working on a limited budget, worry not, as Singapore does have a few renovation packages that are affordable yet do not compromise quality.


Not all renovation packages are the same. Generally, they are classified according to the following:

  • HDB renovation packages
  • Room renovation packages
  • Condominium renovation packages
  • Landed property renovation packages
  • Budget renovation packages

Budget renovation packages are for people who want professionals to handle their home renovation, yet want to limit their spending to a certain degree. Budget renovation packages are definitely better going for a do it yourself (DIY) renovation. Let’s face it, folks, a renovation is not an easy feat. If you have no professional renovation experience, then it is always better to let the pros handle things.

HDB renovation packages, condominium renovation packages and landed property renovation packages are the usual packages offered by most of Singapore’s renovation companies. For sure, you would have no trouble asking for these companies to give you a quotation of their services. If you want to compare package prices, Singapore actually has quite a few renovation comparison sites that can help you.

Some leads on Singapore companies offering “budget” renovation packages can be found in renovation companies’ comparison sites, blog recommendations and forums. Read the users’ comments and reviews so you will get a picture of how these budget renovation packages will turn out.

If you think that working on your own is better that sourcing out for good companies that can offer budget renovation packages, remember that renovation takes a lot of work, expertise and time. In that case, you have to do all the demolition works, masonry works, aluminium works, plumbing works, paint and ceiling, granite top jobs, carpentry, glass works and door works.

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