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8 Ways To Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise your family or friends with a new living room layout every time they came over? Some may say it’s crazy but it is actually possible. There are a good many ways to arrange the furniture in your living room depending on the situation. So if you’re one of those homeowners looking to periodically change things up, this is a good list you can refer to.


1. Arrangement for proper conversation/interaction

This is a layout that is seldom found in Singaporean homes nowadays. I’d say a good 90% of homeowners would rather go for a simple sofa facing a television. This could be due to spacial constraints or lifestyle habits, and is kind of sad because I think a living room should be filled with lively conversation and chatter. So if you’re reading this and feel the same, why not try something different? You can always find a way to give your living room a makeover. Existing layouts should not keep you from changing things up.



Interior Designers: Collective Designs, Hap Design


2. Partition the room with furniture

Already a common method employed by most interior designers, huge living/dining spaces can conveniently be divided into separate zones with proper furniture placement.





Interior Designers: I-Bridge Design, Dots n Tots Interior, ID Emboss, Hue Concept


3. Two small coffee tables work just as effectively

Two is certainly better than one if your living room is cramped and you’re having a hard time manoeuvring your way around. Such an arrangement facilitates movement and ensures that there’s still plenty of table space for coffee and tea.



Credits: New England Home Interiors, There comes a yes, Table Design Ideas


4. Individual chairs instead of sofas

As we all know, not all living room sizes are the same. Some may be more roomy, and some more cosy. For people who cannot really afford the luxury of space, perhaps you might want to consider doing away with a full-sized couch and opting for something like this instead. For people who have lots of room to spare but want to go for something different, you can also try this.


Interior Designer: Museum Homes


5. Complete the picture with a rug

This is a pretty straightforward point. Much like having an island in the kitchen, a rug in the living room acts like this unifying factor that pulls all the furniture together. It makes the living room look more complete and picturesque.







Interior Designers: Museum Homes, The Design Abode, ID Emboss, Space Sense Studio, Cozy Ideas


6. Augment the living room with diagonals

We, as humans, are an instinctive race, and the most basic arrangement that comes to mind when designing our living room is to align the sofas against the wall such that a straight line is formed. But have you ever considered having a diagonal arrangement to add more character to your living room? On top of that, such an arrangement also helps to visually enlarge the space. If you find it a little tricky to move bulky furniture such as that huge leather sofa, you could just shift your coffee table or rug for a similar effect.


Interior Designer: Space Define Interior


7. The view outside can play a part

Natural light and greenery should be leveraged on as often as possible since not every home gets to be exposed to these things. I think we can all agree that they sometimes make the best backdrops and decorations.




Interior Designers: EHKA Studio, Collective Designs, Habitat One Concepts


8. L-Shape designs are not only for kitchens

This is a useful arrangement for large spaces. It’s also good for facilitating conversations and building togetherness.


Interior Designer: The Association

Disclaimer: All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements.

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