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3 Tips to Make Your Home Man-Friendly

When it comes to decorating the home, the task normally falls into the realm of the woman. As a result, the theme might get a little too feminine for the men of the house. Here are 3 simple design tricks to help your male family members feel more at home.

Keep it simple in the home

Do away with overly frilly curtains and excessive throw pillows on the sofa. There is no need to cut back till the living room looks barren however. Invest in a few choice accessories to dress up the space in a tasteful manner e.g. art pieces or even books. You might even want to throw in a few consoles, but try to keep things uncluttered! Gender neutral colours such as black, white, and brown are great colours for a stylish yet male-friendly palette as well.

Build an ergonomic kitchen

If your man is on the taller side, then it’s prudent to fabricate the bottom cabinets to be of a suitable working height for him. Ergonomically speaking, the counter that holds your sink should not be more than 5cm below your elbow bent at an angle of 45 degrees. The reason for this is simple: the working space in the sink is about 17 to 25cm deep so making the counter at a lower height may strain your back and neck in the long run.

An average counter-top is usually about 90cm in height. If your man is on the shorter side, then 80cm is optimal while 90 to 100cm will work well for taller guys. For male family members who moves around in a wheelchair and helps out in the kitchen, ensure that the counter-top clears the wheelchair arms by about 5 to 12 cm.


Reserve a corner/space for the man cave

Every man needs to retreat into his man cave once in a while. Be it a little corner where he can do his own thing or a personal pool table in one of the rooms, it’s a place where the male members of your family can recover their mojo for the daily challenges. In this case, you might want to let the guys have free reign over the design for this space.

So how do you create a man-friendly home for the men of your family? Do share with us your thoughts on our Facebook fan page!

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