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Yay or Nay? Dare To Bare All Open Concept Bathrooms

The trend of having an open-plan, or otherwise known as “deconstructed”, bathroom is partly fueled by the hotels which embraced such spa-like interior design for their rooms. Since a bathroom is a private sanctuary, a luxurious space to be enjoyed by yourself or shared with your significant other, here are some of the considerations which you should explore before adopting such open concept design for your private chambers.

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Visually Brighter and Spacious

Opening up the bathroom makes the room looks much airy, bigger and brighter since the views are not obstructed by walls. In addition, the open plan layout allows natural light to penetrate and natural ventilation flow seamlessly from one place to another.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

What this means to you?
Open concept design is recommended for compact rooms where the bathrooms do not receive much natural light.

Grand and Luxurious Design

An open-plan bathroom design immediately creates a sense of grandeur and injects a luxury spa-like ambience since such design is usually featured in signature boutique hotels. As a result, home interior designers also replicated this concept for home apartments.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

What this means to you?
Having an open-plan design means that more design considerations can be explored since the boundaries between the bathroom and bedroom have blurred. 

Easier Multitasking

Since there are no walls to separate the bathroom and bedroom, the entire site can be rezoned to accommodate the various activities so that the entire area becomes a private retreat for pampering. For instance, you can relocate the TV so that you will be able to catch some programs while bathing.

Design: Reimage Decor

What this means to you?
Detail the list of tasks which you wish you to carry out when you are relaxing in your bathroom and bedroom. In this way, your renovation professionals would be able to recommend the right type of renovations to be done.

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Lack of Privacy

Since the bathroom view is not obstructed by walls, any activities that are carried in the adjacent bathroom or bedroom can be seen and heard. This might be a concern if the person sharing the room is a light sleeper or simply wishes not to be disturbed.

Design: Box.ID Studio

What this means to you?
Detailed planning is necessary to create an intimate space which is also practical and functional. For instance, movable dividers can be used to keep out the sound when the shower is in use. They can be easily tucked away out of sight when not in use. 

Threat of Moisture

Since there are no physical barriers, the moisture migration from the bathroom into the bedroom can be a potential problem. When this happens, the bedroom will be plagued by mildew or a musty odor. In addition, nasty molds will grow on your bedroom walls and ceiling.

Design: Space Atelier

What this means to you?
You will need to ensure that there is proper ventilation for your bathroom and bedroom; open the windows and doors to ensure ample ventilation. In addition, you can also install bathroom exhaust fans to keep moisture at bay. You can also place desiccant Dehumidifiers in your closets to reduce the bathroom humidity too.

More Effort is Needed

More detailed planning is needed to create a good-looking, open-plan bathroom since you need to ensure that your bathroom design and bathroom faucet integrate seamlessly with your bedroom. Furthermore, you will need more effort to upkeep the bathroom and bedroom since they will be constantly under scrutiny.

Design: Collective Designs

What this means to you?
Extra time must be given in the planning stage to ensure that the proposed design will result in a seamless look. However, the proposed design theme should also be easy to maintain and upkeep. The sanitary ware, materials and finishes used should be low maintenance and adequate storage should be set aside to keep both areas look neat and tidy too.


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