XIAOMI MIJIA Dual Brush Wireless Mop Reviewed

  • Apr 12, 2023

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Aside from producing high-quality smartphones at affordable prices, Xiaomi, a technology firm based in China, has an extensive portfolio of products beyond just smartphones. It produces a wide range of other products, such as smart home devices, wearables, laptops, tablets, electric scooters, and many other consumer electronics. Among the home devices offered by Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless electric mop, an electric-powered floor cleaning device.

Nowadays, it's quite common to find robot vacuum cleaners that can sweep and mop simultaneously. However, they are more expensive and lack the same level of precision and flexibility that a handheld mop provides. Xiaomi has addressed this need by introducing a specialised mechanical mop, called the MIJIA dual brush wireless mop. In fact, the MIJIA dual brush wireless mop is a popular Kerscher electrical mop alternative (costs around one-third of the price), for homeowners who do not wish to spend too much on an electrical mop.

This is not a sponsored post. The Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop was purchased from Shopee at full price.

What are the specifications?

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The Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop is a cleaning tool that combines mopping and self-cleaning capabilities to clean a variety of hard floors, including tile, hardwood, and laminate. Its cordless design is powered by a rechargeable battery that allows up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. With a double brush that can rotate 90º upwards and downwards, this device enables us to clean hard-to-reach areas like the undersides of sofas and beds. Additionally, it features a 450 ml water tank and a 200 mL dirty water storage tank, enabling us to clean approximately 75 square meters of surface area without having to refill the water tank.

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The Xiaomi Mijia dual-brush wireless mop lives up to its name with its unique dual-brush design and real-time spray cleaning feature. Its front brush, which was made up of 2 shorter roller brushes, effectively removes away dirt, while the rear roller brush tackles stubborn stains and excess water, resulting in efficient cleaning for users. Although it weights around 2 kg, the motor's self-driving traction force facilitates effortless pushing and pulling for a smooth and thorough cleaning experience.

First impression

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The Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop is packed within a compact rectangular box that weighs 6.7 kg. The components are wrapped in a shock-absorbent paper shell. What this means is that you can have peace of mind and be assured that the product remains undamaged during long-distance transportation.

The entire product requires assembly prior to use, but the pictorial instructions provided in the user guide are clear and easy to follow, even without the aid of a translation app like Google Translator. Assembling the electric mop is a straightforward process that involves snapping the various parts into place with ease.

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The Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop boasts a sleek and minimalist design. The charging base allows you to hide the excess unsightly cable to keep the area neat. The charging base is lightweight and occupies minimal space, measuring only 23cm by 36cm. Moreover, when the electric mop is docked for charging, it stands at a height of approximately 115cm.



To determine whether the Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop is a worthwhile purchase and user-friendly, a series of hands-on experiences are conducted over 1 month. Prior usage, it is necessary to fully charge the electric mop. The charging interface is located at the bottom end of the hand-held pole and can be automatically charged by aligning it with the point on the charging base.

Clean water tank

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The clean water tank requires only 450 ml of water and 5 ml of floor detergent. It is important to ensure that no soapy bubbles are formed inside the water tank as it may interfere with the cleaning operation. 

Buttons and light indicators

The handle of the Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop has two buttons on its top. The top button is the switch-on button, while the one below it is the auxiliary cleaning button. The auxiliary cleaning feature is particularly useful when you don't want to clean the roller brushes manually. To activate this function, you need to long-press the auxiliary cleaning button after returning the mopping machine to its base. Once activated, the mop will clean the roller brushes automatically. You can set the duration of cleaning by turning off the auxiliary cleaning function when you think the rollers are clean enough.

If you prefer to use fresh water to clean the floor with the rollers, you can activate the auxiliary cleaning button (by short pressing the button). This will allow clean water to soak into the rollers before starting the cleaning process. Once the rollers have absorbed the fresh water, you can turn off the auxiliary cleaning button and proceed to mop the floor.

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Situated below the buttons, there are two indicators: the power indicator light and the status indicator. If the power indicator light is orange and constantly on, it means that the clean water tank needs to be refilled and it also automatically stops when the water tank is completely empty. When the status indicator flashes, it means that the dirty water tank is full and you will hear a beeping sound. In such a situation, you must remove the top cover and empty the dirty water tank. If you happen to miss the indicator lights, as we did on our first trial run, you will notice that the floor is wet, with drips of water in between the mops.

Hard-to-reach areas

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It's remarkable that the Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop can effortlessly clean hard-to-reach areas in your home, including other tricky corners. The mop's ability to clean the underside of the furniture, such as the sofa and bed, is made possible by the flexible front swivel joint that allows it to lie completely lay flat state. With its built-in motors for the front and rear brushes, this mop's automatic traction makes cleaning a breeze, even when it weighs around 2 kg.


With a noise level of only 60 decibels, the Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop operates relatively quietly and can be used even while your family members are sleeping.

Battery life

According to the official specifications, the battery of the device can last for up to 35 minutes, and we estimated that it would take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to clean an area of 74 square meters. As a result, the 35-minute battery life should be sufficient to clean a 5-room HDB flat (which has an average size of around 120 square meters) or an Executive flat (which has an average size of around 140 square meters).

Once we completed mopping the floor with the Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop, we returned it to the charging base. To clean the mop's rollers conveniently, we activated the auxiliary cleaning mode, to simulate manual hand washing, for approximately 30 seconds, which readied the rollers for the next use. If you prefer a more thorough cleaning of the roller brushes, you can consider disassembling them and cleaning, and drying them separately.


Cleaning up the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Brush Wireless Electric Mop is a breeze and takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. By pressing the buttons on both sides of the device, the catch is released and the top cover can be removed. This reveals the dirty water storage tank, which can be easily removed by hand. To remove the hind longest roller, one can take out the side cover and pull it out. The front two short rollers can be removed by pressing the side buttons in the middle of the rollers. These rollers can be washed separately by hand. To remove the clean water tank, it needs to be pulled out.


The good:

a. Saves water and floor detergent

The Xiaomi Mijia dual brush wireless mop is a very efficient cleaning tool that not only conserves water but also reduces the usage of floor detergent. Its water tank can hold up to 450 ml, and only 5 ml of floor detergent is needed per use, which translates to significant savings on water and floor detergent compared to traditional mopping. For instance, with every 1/2 pail of water (~ 5 litres of water) used for traditional mopping, approximately 50 ml of Magiclean floor cleaner (equivalent to one capful) is required. Furthermore,  we found that the wireless electric mop can last for up to 2 sessions of use. Each session can cover around 74 square meters of floor area, which is similar to the size of an older 3-room HDB flat. 

b. Saves time

Using the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Brush Wireless Mop is incredibly user-friendly, and each cleaning session typically takes only around 15 minutes. This is a significant time-saving compared to the traditional method of manually squeezing out excess water from the mop, which can take up to 40 minutes and leave a messy, wet floor.

c. Clean and squeakily clean floor

Furthermore, the mop is engineered to leave the floor relatively dry, minimizing the amount of excess water left behind. The powerful motor of the mop is capable of scrubbing the floor thoroughly, resulting in a spotlessly clean surface, without the need for excessive physical exertion on our part. Only clean water is used to mop the floor and the dirty water is collected in the dirty water tank. However, the traditional mopping process will reuse the water since the process requires us to dip the dirty mop into the rinsing bucket and squeeze out the water prior to mopping the follor.

What could have been better:

a. Clean water tank leaks

Leaving the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Brush Wireless Mop at the charging base with the clean water tank is not advised, as a small amount of water may collect on the chassis. Therefore, it is important to remove the clean water tank before leaving the mop at the charging base.

b. Brush rollers might smell if they are not dried at least once a week

Leaving the brush rollers attached to the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Brush Wireless Mop at all times is not recommended. This is because this will keep the rollers from being dry and being in a constantly damp condition can cause odour-causing bacteria to multiply and create an unpleasant smell. Remember to remove the rollers and let them dry at least once a week.

c. Brush rollers are thin

We had concerns about the durability of the brush rollers, as they may become thinner over time from regular use. It would have been preferable if the brush rollers were thicker to ensure they are long-lasting.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia Dual Brush Wireless Mop is an excellent choice for those who want a fast and effective way to keep their floors clean on a tight budget. Its ease of use, strong motor, and efficient use of water and detergent making it an attractive option for users. The mop is also designed to leave the floor reasonably dry and has a battery life that is sufficient for cleaning larger living spaces. Cleaning the device after use is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Furthermore, the device is relatively quiet, allowing it to be used without disturbing others. Indeed the MIJIA dual brush wireless mop is a good alternative to the pricer Kerscher electrical mop, for homeowners on a budget. 

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