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Wiring Up Your Homes

Those who live in older homes, whether landed, HDB or condominium units, know that problems don’t end with the wear and tear of the home’s aesthetics. One of the bigger concerns is living with older, ancient wiring systems.

Just like every other aspect of your home, your wires are subject to wear and tear over decades of use. Oftentimes, it is the old wires that lead to faulty wiring systems. Another consideration would be that the layout of the wiring may no longer be compatible with your current lifestyle and usage. Think about it, todays’ fast evolving technology has afforded us with electronics and gadgets that were not even mentally conceived decades ago. Personal computers in the living room, laptops in the bedroom, wireless routers, modems – because of all these, we are often faced with inconveniences that would span from lack of power points to awkwardly piling power points that totally ruin the aesthetics of your home.

Those who are just moving in or redecorating their homes can rewire their entire house to support all these new appliances and additional power points. Homes that are not undergoing renovations can opt to have their wiring systems tweaked instead of replacing everything.

So how do you go about it? For starters, additional circuits can be added to support your new gadgets and appliances. Without these additional circuits, there might be a danger of overloading the older systems and causing the circuit breaker to trip. You can also have your wiring technician or specialist shift or added for convenience. Do note that rewiring your home is not a DIY thing. You need a professional electrician to assess your wiring system, survey the possible new wiring layout, list out your problems and talk with you regarding your requirements. Do remember that a professional electrician is the best person to offer you the most effective and efficient solution to your wiring requirements.

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