Where to Shop for Renovation Materials in Singapore

  • Sep 13, 2021

Whether you want to have more choices when it comes to the surfaces of your home or you are planning to go the DIY route for your renovation, you will want to bookmark this page. From places to shop for standard kitchen countertop materials to suppliers for unconventional design materials like travertine or cork, we have you covered in this listing*. Jump to section:


Engineered Stone

Design: Space Atelier Cosentino: Quartz, Sintered stone IQuartz: Quartz Caesarstone: Quartz Aurastone: Quartz, Sintered stone, Terrazzo Lian Hin: Quartz, Sintered stone Bellus Group: Quartz, Sintered stone, Solid surface Stone Amperor: Quartz, sintered stone Futar: Quartz, Terrazzo KStone: Quartz, Terrazzo » Read more: Sintered Stone vs Quartz: Which Kitchen Countertop is Best?  

Natural Stone

Design: akiHAUS Polystone: Marble, Travertine, Onyx Bellus Group: Marble, Granite Lian Hin: Marble, Granite Aurastone: Granite Cosentino: Granite Futar: Marble, Travertine, Granite, Quartzite, Schist, Onyx, Limestone, Semi precious stones KStone: Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, Calcite Mondobuild: Marble, Granite, Onyx, Natural Quartz, Limestone, Sandstone  

Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Design: 13th Design Studio Hafary Soon Bee Huat Rice Hup Kiong An Huat Trading (Address: 53 Zion Rd) Malford Ceramics GF+A Futar Lian Seng Hin » Read more: 7 Things You Should Know When Shopping for Tiles  

Stone Veneer

Design: De Style Interior CraftStone Wallhub  


Design: Free Space Intent Dulux: Textured, Metallic effects Nippon Paint: Odourless range, Guard against mosquitoes Gush: Air-purifying paints Benjamin Moore: Matte, eggshell, satin, pearl and semi-gloss finishes Blue Blue Trunk: Anne Sloane chalk paint Rubik Material Laboratory: Lime paint, Concrete look, Lacquer, Chalk-based Monju Global: Textured or patterned paint  


Design: House of Chais Craft Axis: European, Korean, Japanese Goodrich Global: European, Korean, Japanese Hello Circus: European, Locally designed Romanez: European Honpo: European, Korean, Japanese WallUp: Korean Layer Play: Murals, Decals, Furniture wrap Softhome: Japanese, British  


Design: Charlotte's Carpentry EDL: Solid colours, wood finishes, anti-fingerprint options, laminates with real metals Lamitak: Wood finishes, Solid colours, Patterned laminates Formica: Solid colours, Wood finishes, Laminates with real metals, Magnetic laminates, True-to-scale granite patterns Jennings: Wood finishes, Patterned laminates, Marble patterned, Fabric lookalikes Panaplast: Anti-bacterial, Anti-fingerprint options, Solid colours, Textured laminates, Wood lookalikes Evershine: Wood lookalikes, Solid colours  

Interior panels

Design: The Scientist Kompacplus: Panels made from a blend kraft paper and resin KD Panels: Wood veneers Jotterwood: 3D panels, Wood-like panels Paneltec: Waterproof PVC panels suited for bathrooms  

Vinyl Flooring

Design: Chalk Architects Inovar: Resilient vinyl tiles, SPC Evorich: Herf FloorXpert: Lurf Mori Homz: Resilient vinyl tiles with click technology Jotterwood: Click type vinyl flooring made in Germany Moods: LVT, EVF, vinyl sheets, woven vinyl The Floor Gallery: EVF, woven vinyl Floorrich: SPC, LVT Some confusing terminology explained: SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) uses limestone as the main filler instead of PVC. This flooring type is very dense and rigid. It also features an acoustic underlayment to reduce noise while walking on them. Lurf /Herf: Vinyl flooring that comes in patterns that resemble wood or stone. Also known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). LVT versus EVF: LVT (Luxury vinyl tiles) look like wood or stone, typically individual pieces and installed with adhesive. EVF (Engineered vinyl flooring) is a subset of LVT but are thicker, constructed in layers and clickable.  

Engineered Wood or Solid Wood Flooring

Design: Schemacraft Interiors Arc Floor: Engineered (rosewood, oak, teak and walnut), Solid Wood (American Beech, American Maple, American Oak, American Walnut, Balau, Burmese Teak, Chengal, Indian Rosewood, Indonesian Teak, Nyatoh) Perswood: Solid Wood (Ipe Walnut, Golden Teak, Wenge, Burmese Teak, Garapa, Brazilian Cherry, American Walnut, Amazonian Birch) Moods: Solid Wood (Oak, Acacia, American Maple, Ash, American Walnut, Afrormosia, Teak, Iroko, Jatoba, Doussie, Merbau, Padouk, Purpleheart, Ipe, Wenge) Wood&Wood: Engineered (Burmese Teak, European and American White Oak, Walnut), Solid Wood (Burmese Teak, European and American White Oak, Walnut, Maple, Ash, Cherry, Merbau, Red Oak, Pradu) Floorrich: Engineered (American Oak Natural, American Oak White Wash, American Oak – Ebony, American Oak – Midnight Black, American Walnut), Solid Wood (Patagonian Walnut, Ipe-Walnut, Golden Teak, Indonesian Teak, Burma Walnut, Indian Rosewood, American White Oak, Carbonised-Bamboo (Vertical), Burmese Teak, American Maple, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian, Cherry, Bamboo (Horizontal), American Walnut)  


Design: Linear Space Concepts House of Glass: Frosted glass, Tempered, Stained, Laminated, Fritted, Smart glass Soon Heng Glass: Wired, Clear, Tinted glass, Embossed Lian Wang Trading: Glass blocks  

Fabrics + Upholstery

Design: Mr Shopper Studio Blafink Bode Goodrich Global Romanez Arbi Tatami  

Unconventional Materials

Design: Three-d Conceptwerk Panelogue: Corkboard, Plywood, Micro paper, Fibreboard The Table Guy: Solid wood slabs Grey and Sanders: Solid wood slabs Monju Global: Microcement Rubik Material Laboratory: Terracotta tiles Ardex: Cementitious concrete overlay Metallic Epoxy: Metallic epoxy surfaces like flooring or countertop   *Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of these companies. Always do due diligence when sourcing for a reliable material supplier.  
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