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When Do You Need Renovation For Your Singapore Home

Your Housing and Development Board (HDB) unit, landed property or condo unit is not guaranteed to last forever. Eventually, your unit will show signs of wear and tear. Paint and wallpaper will start to come off, the white ceiling will turn brown, wood will start to chip and your floor will lose its sheen.

It will be then that you know that you need a home renovation team to rescue your home. Getting good renovation companies is not that hard with a lot of comparison websites and forums around. Make sure you go to trusted renovation comparison websites though. Although you will be hiring renovation companies, do remember that you still need to plan and you need to be a very active participant in the planning process. For example, if the design is your most major concern and everything is still perfectly fine, you might just need minor renovation works – polishing and repainting here and there, nothing too major. If space is your problem then you might consider expanding your budget as it will require tearing down walls or completely changing the layout of your home and room space.


Renovation in Singapore is indeed expensive. However, if you know how to bargain and if you know what you want, then renovation works should not break your bank. Be aware of the materials you use, and how they are used. Make sure you settle the important aspects first. If you set a good plan and a good foundation, your renovation will go more smoothly.

During renovations, you may notice that some of your furniture, furnishings and trimmings might need an overhaul to give your home a new look. Be sure that you identify the things that you can still recycle or refurbish so you can save on costs.

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