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What You Need To Know About Light

Let me take a break from these home improvement projects’ namely  anti-oxidant home building solution  and wallpaper for home interiors and concentrate on one of my favorite home interior decoration topic today: Lightings!

 I love this topic since home interior lightings play an incredible critical role in interior design; proper lighting breathes life into the living space; creates mood, builds ambience and in some cases, even dramatic effects. In fact, it is an excellent indispensable design tool for home interior designers.

To begin with, lightings are best used layered and involves the following 4 different types of lighting.

4 Different Types of Lightings


Image credits to Factorlicht 

Ambient Lighting

Also known as General or Diffused Lighting, Ambient Lighting refers to general, overall illumination that comes from omi-direction. It is opposite of Directional Lighting it fills the space with an overall illumination for mundane tasks to be carried out.


Image credits to interiordesign

Task Lighting

Task Lighting is lighting in its most functional and practical form; it allows for sufficient lighting in order for a specific task to be completed safely without overstraining the eyes. Table lamps or bathroom mirrors are used for reading, writing and makeup.


Image credits to Houzz

Accent lighting

Also known as Highlighting, Accent Lighting emphasizes a particular area of the room or by drawing attention to an object. It is usually used with paintings or home decors.


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Mood Lighting

Such lighting usually makes use of different colors of and varying levels of brightness to create an ambience in a room.

 Lighting Direction and Position

Where and how the light is projected and positioned will impact and alter the look and mood of the room. Here are some common ways such lights are used:


Image credits to Houzz


The up light is being projected up or towards the ceiling. Examples of such up lights includes sconce, which is a wall-mounted fixture and can be used to shine up or down as well. Similarly, down light is being projected downward to towards the lower part of the room. Examples include pendant with down-turned bulbs.

Image credits to bonexpose


Diffuse Light

As the name implies, the light is diffused throughout the room and can be used as ambient light.

Materials and Colors of the Room Furnishing

In addition, do note that lighting effects are impacted by the types of materials and colors used for the room.


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Image credits to Roomzaar

Bright Rooms

Use and smooth light colored surfaces like glass since light is reflected by these materials.


Image credits to Houzz


Image credits to studioannetta

Cozy Rooms

Use heavily textured materials and dark colors for the walls as light is absorbed by.

Energy Efficient Home Lighting & Tips

Lastly, here are is a detailed comprehensive infographic guides to energy efficient home lighting from wellHome and home lighting tips CB furnishings.

Happy Reading!

Image credits to WellHome


Image credits to CF Furnishings

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