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What You Absolutely Must Know Before Doing DIY Renovations

For home renovations, the biggest consideration for homeowners is definitely the cost. Starting from around $15k, renovation costs can shoot up to as high as $500k if the homeowner is willing to splurge. Even if you have set a renovation budget, home reno costs are not fixed and can sometimes even exceed what you’re prepared to pay.


If you have ever gaped at the sky-high renovation quote from your contractor or ID and wondered this:

What You Absolutely Must Know Before Doing DIY Renovations

…then you’ll be glad to know that yes, you can DIY your renovations, and it doesn’t take much to do so either! Here’s a simple guide to what you can DIY and what should be left to the professionals:

What You Absolutely Must Know Before Doing DIY Renovations 2


By going the DIY route, you get to save on ID and main contractor fees, thereby bringing down the overall renovation costs.

Psyched to start? DIY renovation is definitely doable! But there are of course trade-offs—you need to spend more time handling the coordination yourself, and you need to educate yourself on what to avoid. To make your reno journey easier, make sure you follow these tips below

  1. Get the groundwork done
    Make your job easier by opting for HDB’s Optional Component Scheme (OCS). This scheme lets new BTO homeowners opt for their flooring, internal doors and sanitary fittings to be completed by HDB-engaged contractors. Once you collect your keys, your home is pretty much ready. Thanks to OCS, all you’re left with is some basic renovation work to be done, which you can then DIY!
  2. Don’t compromise safety
    It may be tempting to handle everything yourself, but for safety reasons, certain things such as electrical works and window installations are required by HDB to be completed by a licensed professional. Stick to the rules and hire reliable subcontractors to ensure you don’t compromise your family’s safety. Find out the full details on the HDB website.
  3. Friends & Family discount
    While DIY may not guarantee you the most polished work, if you know your stuff, you’ll definitely be able to get decent results. Do you have a plumber friend? Engage him. Know someone in the trade who can help you secure the materials at a discount? Get in touch! Having connections in the industry whom you can trust is an advantagewhen you want to DIY your renovations.

So if you’re considering DIY renovations, make sure you know all there is to know before starting your project. After all, your aim is to save money and you don’t want poor planning to defeat the purpose!

What You Absolutely Must Know Before Doing DIY Renovations 3

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