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What To Do with a Recessed Wall

Often, we see recessed walls in our homes as an inconvenience, similar to a dental cavity that needs to be filled. But instead of plastering it over, consider alternative design solutions that turn this structural imperfection into something useful or even beautiful.

Sip tipples with a home bar

The recessed wall was turned into a home bar in this home, complete with individual storage pockets for wine bottles, glass racks for keeping wine glasses and a slice of table space for making drinks.

Design: 3D Innovations

Store more with shelves

This tiny bedroom incorporated shelves in the recessed wall, turning an awkward nook into practical storage. Shelves were wrapped in the same warm-hued woodgrain laminate to the platform bed, so it feels like a complete set.

Design: 19EightyThree

Display your collectibles with a glass rack

You don’t feel the imperfection of the recessed wall in this living room, thanks to the usage of a full-height, custom-made glass rack covering it. Flushed with the living room console so it doesn’t protrude out, the wall-mounted rack provides the perfect platform for displaying the homeowners’ mementos and collectibles.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

Show off your art

The recessed surface in this Bukit Batok BTO flat serves as a poster wall. Rather than fill it completely, the negative space accentuates the Stranger Things poster collection even more, drawing one’s eye to the area.

Design: ROOOT Studio

Make a feature with wallpaper

Sometimes the easiest solution can be the prettiest. The recessed wall in this home is decked out in beautiful floral wallpaper, alluding to the chinoiserie style of the space, while serving as a contrast to the mustard-hued walls seen in the rest of the living room.

Design: Living Icon

Unleash creativity with a chalkboard wall

Turning an empty recessed wall into a chalkboard wall by painting it with chalkboard paint is a fun option for a kid’s bedroom. They can unleash their creativity and you won’t have to worry about permanent ink stains!

Design: Renozone Interior Design House

Consider an unconventional shape

For something out of the box, consider tweaking the recessed wall into a different shape by partially concealing it. This home changed out the boring rectangle into a house outline, before painting it a lovely shade of Tiffany blue to serve as the main feature in the living room.

Design: ROOOT Studio

Lay it with bricks

CraftStone bricks were laid on this cement screed indented wall to offer a rustic, utilitarian finish. The ‘incomplete’ look is in tune with the home’s industrial theme, with the wall-mounted bicycles lending a splash of colour.

Design: Story of Us

Turn it into your home office

This bedroom’s recessed nook was turned into a lean workspace, with enough room for several bookshelves, drawer storage and a wall-mounted table wide enough to hold a desktop.

Design: The Monocot Studio

Set it aglow with lights

The recessed wall in this bedroom was partially covered from the bottom so it could function as a display shelf. Made the centrepiece with LED light strips, the wall’s warm glow channels a cosy mood in this sleeping zone.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

Paint it another colour

A simple way to set your recessed wall apart is to paint it a different colour. Rather than paint just the slice of indented area though, this home extended the blue shade to another side of the wall. This has the effect of creating an additional visual depth to the space, while mirroring the L-shaped glass panels seen in the study room.

Design: ROOOT Studio

House a console

A polished silver console is nestled neatly within this recessed wall so it looks just like it belongs there. Coupled with a sunburst mirror, the recessed wall becomes a showpiece in this elegant flat.

Design: Free Space Intent

Don’t let structural imperfections impede your creativity! Talk to our interior designers today and see how you can turn your inspiration into reality.


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