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What to Avoid in Interior Design: The Finishing Touches

In this final segment of our four-part What to Avoid in Interior Design Article, we take a look at how the finishing touches of your DIY interior design should be. Do note that the tiniest details say a lot about a home and its dwellers.


  1. Avoid going with the trend and going bold. Remember that decade when tiger prints and leopard prints were all the rage? Have you realized how tacky that is now? To keep your home timeless and elegant, always choose timeless, classic interior design. You may pepper some trends in but the base should always be classic. Think of how your home would look and feel after 3 or 7 years. Would you still stare at the wall lovingly or loathingly? However, a neutral, dull and too classic home is boring. Without character, a fresh mix of colour and various textures, a home would be boring. Strike a balance between the various elements to get things right.
  2. Light switches, electricity sockets, wires and door knobs. These tiny elements say a lot about your home. Keep your light switches timeless but classy. Cheap is glaringly cheap and you can tell from a mile away if it is. Same goes with electricity sockets and your door knobs. As for wires, always keep your place clean. Keep wires reined in to avoid accidents as well.
  3. Avoid choosing a similar lighting all throughout the house. All the rooms in your house should not be lit by a similar overhead bright light. You need to have a range of lighting options. Bright lights may be perfect for the kitchen as you need to be able to see what you are slicing or peeling. Dimmer lighting is ideal for bedrooms. Dimmer switches will work too if you want to add them in – and to fit your ever changing mood. Layering your lighting will be the best way to go. Use table lamps, floor lamps and make them accessible. So you and your family will have a few lighting options depending on your activities.

So there you are, 11 tips for you to start your own DIY interior design venture.

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