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What to Avoid in Interior Design: Individuality

In Singapore, it is important for homeowners to express their personalities through their interior design. If you are one of those people who prefer to take the interior design feat into your own hands, you have to take this article to heart. As non-professionals, you will eventually make mistakes. What you need to do know is how to avoid major irreversible or costly blunders. Before venturing into your do-it-yourself interior design, you need to have a strategic plan in place. If you do not identify a plan, decide on a motif or know which room you should start in. Also, a good plan will avoid clashes in room designs and colour choices. Finally, it will keep you from spending way too much on items that might not be right for your home. In this four part article, we give you eleven basic things to avoid in DIY interior design.


  1. Avoid matching large furniture with small space and vice versa. Yes, size does matter in interior design. Putting large furniture into smaller spaces will make the small room even smaller. Meanwhile putting small furniture into large hallways and living rooms will make the room look sparse and under furnished.
  2. Avoid looking into other people’s homes and interior design. It is important for you to gather ideas and do your research. Reading this article is one way of doing your research. One thing you must avoid however is following in exact detail other people’s interior designs. Their home interior design reflects their own personalities, so should yours.
  3. Accessorise your home the way you want to. Avoid a bare, lifeless home by sticking to neutrals all the time. Accessorise your home by adding in your collection, your interests and other individual touches. Some of these include candles, throw pillows and even photo frames.

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