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What Spells a Need to Renovate your Home?

Home conditions can deteriorate due to various factors, such as aging structures, wear and tear, poor facility maintenance, low quality construction and environmental factors such as weather and moisture. When exactly spells a need to renovate your home? Do we ignore these signs or apply quick fix to contain the condition?

#1 Leaking pipes and drainage problems that cause water seepage

Almost a common complaint among homeowners, most homes experience water leaks in places such as the bathroom, kitchen and in some cases bedrooms where it is located near to water supply. Connecting piping and water leaks from adjacent and upper neighbouring homeowners’ is another common contributor.

Danger: Pests are highly attracted to moisture, besides the common home pests that we are annoyed with including cockroaches and ants, Termites is the #1 most damaging pest to a home because of moisture!

Action: Fix all leaking pipes or replace old rusty pipes and drainage before they are damaged or broken. Do joint home inspection with neighbours to identify the root cause of the adjacent water seepage.


#2 Cracked floor tiles and loose laminates

Due to weather such as contraction and expansion, dropping heavy items thus resulting in cracks or broken tiles, wear and tear of laminates or peel-off due to poor workmanship quality all require maintenance.

Danger: The presence of gaps, cracks and crevices would mean allowing pests such as ants, ticks, fleas, bed bugs to hide within them for harbourage purposes. These cracks could mean inadequate or less thorough cleaning by missing these blind spots or it could turn into a potential hot spot for collecting food debris and water spills.

Action: Fix broken or chipped tiles or replace the laminates to ensure smooth and proper flooring. For severe cases that cover a broad area, retiling the floor may be considered.


#3 Structural damage, eaten wood, cracks and broken fixtures

Combination of wood and water, spells termite trouble. Wooden fixtures and flooring, door frames and panels, structural beams or fittings, pillars and stairways are common hot spots for termite to breed.

Danger: Serious termite invasions accelerates through colonies and damage your home causing eaten wood, collapsed structures and weaken panels or beams.

Action: For weaken structures or damaged furnishings, for health and safety reasons, ensure they are replaced or engage in renovation or carpentry works to ensure we do not place the family at risks. Engage in termite treatments for affected furnishings that are largely attacked by Drywood Termite or a long-term termite protection that prevent any further damage to your home.

Some home designs and decors may also affect home conditions in the long term by attracting risks of pest infestation. Choice of themes, materials used, structure layout are some examples of interior designs that may influence the risk level. Read more on home décor choices that invite pest problem in your home.

Start early detection of pest infestation signs and take early steps in home repairs and renovation to minimize detrimental impact to the home financially and physicaly.


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