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What is the Renovation Cost in Singapore

A lot of people would ask about the standard renovation costs in Singapore. Actually, there is no standard renovation cost. The cost will depend largely on your requirements and a whole lot of other factors as well. Here are six major components that can determine the renovation cost of your home, office or retail space:


  1. The space itself. The cost of renovation a residential space is different from the cost of renovating a commercial space, retail space or an industrial space. Naturally because the requirements are very different. There are lot of things you would require for your home that would not be needed in an office or a retail space.
  2. The type of residential space you have. The renovation cost for Housing and Development Board (HDB) units, condo units, landed properties and executive apartments are actually different.
  3. The renovation contractor you have chosen will also determine your overall renovation cost. A renowned, sought after and highly esteemed renovation company can justify having higher charges and packages. Most often than not, new renovation companies who just started out will offer promotional packages and cheaper costs than the older, more established ones.
  4. The materials. The materials you prefer to use will of course play a huge cost on your final bill. The more expensive and rare the materials you want, the costlier it will be.
  5. The number of rooms to be renovated. The number of rooms to be renovated will of course be taken into consideration. The more number of rooms you wish to renovate, the more materials you will use up and require, the higher the cost will go.
  6. The time frame of the renovation process. The time frame you and your renovation contractor agreed on will affect the cost. The faster you want the project to be completed, the more manpower will be required and that means higher cost.

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