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Go For Gold: 8 Ways to Work In iPhone 8’s New Gold Into Your Home

While Apple Fans were beside themselves over the announcement regarding the release of the new iPhones last week, here at Renonation, we were more excited about using the new colour options for the new iPhone 8 into our homes. Yes, we are #InteriorNerds like that.

Image source: Apple

We were most interested in the new “gold” hue for the iPhone 8 because of its huge potential as an accent colour in the home. It’s technically an in-between shade, between a yellow gold and the rose gold featured in previous iPhone editions. And it’s super gorgeous! We like to think this new copper-ish, soft gold hue is a refreshing update of the rose gold that was trending since 2014.

Here are some instances of how to work in this gold* into your space:

*illustrated gold shades are not the exact shade of the iPhone 8’s gold, but they give you a pretty good idea of how to use it in your own home.


1. Dressing up ugly pipes

Pipes are the bane of every homeowner’s existence, unless you have an industrial themed home where exposed pipes can actually be part of the home. If you can’t actually hide ugly pipe work, brush it in a gorgeous gold so you turn it into a statement piece instead.

Design: Hue Concept


2. Use it in soft furnishings

Soft furnishings like curtains or rugs are a great way to experiment with a having a little gold in a home without being too over the top. It’s a more subtle way than say, adding a large gold couch in the middle of your living room.

Design: Metaphor Studio


3. Get them in hardware fittings

This has to be our favourite way of using that new gold shade – in hardware! Use it in your knobs and pulls for an instant je ne sais quoi. Not only is this look really trending right now, it’s also really easy on the pocket. Need an immediate refresh of your old kitchen? Gold hardware is the way to go!

Design: The Scientist


4. … or in your fixtures!

The key to using this new iPhone gold – or any other gold shades for that matter – is not overdoing it. Fixtures such as faucets and taps, are a good way to incorporate that sparkle without seeming like it’s overkill. Interestingly enough, this look was once considered dated. Now? It’s appearing everywhere in interior design spreads.

Design: The Scientist


5. Incorporate it in your backsplash

If you prefer something that makes more of an impact, there’s nothing that grabs as much attention in a kitchen as having a gold backsplash. When done well, it’s a luxurious look for your cooking space. It can look tacky though if you’re not careful, so make sure you pair them with the right coloured cabinets. We would avoid mahogany brown cabinet fronts which can make things look very old-fashioned. Go for more modern hues like lighter shades of wood or white.

Design: Absolook Interior Design


6. Buy gilded lights

We all know how lighting can change up a mood in a room dramatically. But it’s not just the warmth and temperature of the lighting that affects how a space feels and looks like. You should also pay attention to your light finishing. Gold finishing can make a simple lighting design seem extraordinary, turning your space from drab to fab.

Design: The Association


7. Mirrored gold

Besides new-ish hues, the new iPhone 8 also has a new all-glass design that reeks of serious luxury (cue expensive repairs!). We love the glass gold look on the phone, so it’s no surprise that we also love it in our homes. Mirrored gold surfaces are the ultimate luxury and they can make a small room seem that much bigger.

Design: Metaphor Studio


8. Feature wall

Gold deserves to be featured, which is what the designer did for this home. It functions as a feature wall for the bedroom, standing tall and proud for all to see.

Design: Rezt & Relax Interior


How would you add gold into your space?


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