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9 Ways To Squeeze All Your Clothes Into Your Small HDB Wardrobe

“My HDB wardrobe is huge,” said NO woman, ever! Just like you, we love our shopping but finding space for all the clothes, bags and shoes is a challenging job for anyone. But, fret not! There are easy ways to fix this problem so you can squeeze everything into that tiny little wardrobe, without having to expand the size of your room. Even if you’re sharing that small space with your partner, these tips are bound to work!


1. Do an inventory

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Before you start complaining about the little space your closet has, maybe it is wise if you first do an inventory of all the pieces you own. Take a look at the items buried deep down your closet and see if you still need them. If not, it is high time you give them away. This way, you not only make room for more closet space but also declutter your wardrobe.


2. Hang items on the inside of your closet door

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To maximise your wardrobe space, remember that closet doors can double as walls. Because they are blank surfaces, it is easy to hang hooks or storage bags behind these doors. These hooks can hold your scarves, belts, small bags, and other accessories. Just remember that whatever you hang behind the closet doors should not be too bulky to ensure that your closet can still be closed. If you hang big items, your closet doors will bulge. The upside of hanging your accessories behind the closet door will make it easier for you to find them and in turn, faster to match them with your outfits.


3. Have storage boxes

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Never take storage boxes for granted. At first glance, they may seem like space consuming items for your closet. But in fact, they are actually extra spaces and can help organise your wardrobe. Keep in mind that it is all about finding the right size and proper placement for such boxes. Usually, these boxes are perfect for shoes and bags. Do not forget to label them to avoid misplacing items. You can stack these boxes on top of one another for easy storage. Place them beneath your closet space so they can also hold other items.


4. The soda can tab trick

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Having little room to hang items can be a problem for people with tiny closets. But do not fret because we discovered a simple and easy trick that you can do to create more hang space. All you will need is a hanger and a couple of soda can tabs. Just place one soda can tab in the neck of the hanger, leaving one of its hole free. This hole can accommodate one more hanger. Just repeat the process until you reach the amount of hang space you desire.


5. Use your bags as additional storage

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Every girl can never have too many bags. It is one of those fashion staples that are very difficult to live without. Hence, bags occupy the most space in every woman’s wardrobe. Because tiny closets do not have enough hanging space for such bags, it is best to be creative. Hang your biggest bags and use them as storage for your smaller bags. This way, you save on valuable space and prevent clutter. You can also put other small items such as scarves, belts, and accessories inside your hanging bags.


6. Group your clothes

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When arranging your clothes, make sure that they are properly grouped according to frequency of use and kind. This will help you organise your wardrobe more and efficiently save space. For instance, place all your long dresses on one side of your closet while shirts, shorts, and the like in another side. This way, there is still enough storage beneath your items that don’t take up the whole space. This tip will also save you the time from going through your entire closet to look for an item because the clothes are well partitioned. Take it a step further by colour coding your wardrobe so that it is easier for you to search for what to wear!


7. Don’t forget the top shelves of your closet


Top shelves are sometimes forgotten because they are so hard to reach. But without you knowing it, these shelves are the perfect storage space in your closet for items you rarely use but still want to keep. Top shelves can contain boxes that will be organised properly to lessen your wardrobe clutter.

A good way to see everything you have at a glance, and also make sure you don’t have so many extra clothing is to get modular storage wardrobes! They are a quirky, contemporary take on walk in wardrobes.


8. Hide your off season items


Seasonal items such as winter coats or should be placed elsewhere when they are not in season. This is because they occupy space that could be used for other items that are regularly used. Place them on your top shelves or storage rooms along with other less used items. Alternatively, get some storage beds! They increase your wardrobe space without reducing bedroom space.


9. Learn how to fold properly


Occasionally, when we are in a hurry or live busy lives, there is no time to spare to fix our closet. Sometimes, we settle for messy wardrobes wherein shirts, jeans, and bags are just scattered everywhere. This gets frustrating and leads to limited space.

One friendly tip: learn how to fold properly. This not only ensures that your clothes are stored properly without creases but also allows you to maximise the space in your closet.


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