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5 Tips to Renovating a Kitchen That Wows

Unlike other rooms in our homes, a kitchen is a place we enter multiple times a day for various reasons – to cook, to eat, to chat. It seems that a lot of our time at home is spent in our kitchen!

Design: Studio 20 Concepts

A kitchen is more than just a room. It therefore deserves a great attention when it comes to planning, decor, and layout. An adequately arranged kitchen can result in tremendous savings (both money and time), efficient space distribution, quicker performance and an overall better atmosphere.

A kitchen renovation is a significant project that demands your creativity, time and some knowledge. Read on for kitchen renovation tips to help take the stress out of renovating this important space in home.


1. Think about your lifestyle

The first step in planning your kitchen should be thinking about your lifestyle, especially cooking habits. In fact, your lifestyle is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when it comes to remodelling your kitchen. So, instead of investing in ridiculously expensive marble counter, ask yourself, “Do I cook daily and what cooking method do I follow the most?”

Design: Space Factor

If you belong to a group of individuals who cook every day, then your kitchen needs to be supplied with everything you need and still be easy to clean. Knowing your cooking habits will help you distribute your money. For instance, if you bake more, consider investing in a high-quality oven and save money on other equipment.


2. Save space and use it wisely

If you are a passionate cook, you might find yourself in a situation with the countertop covered in an array of different pots, pans, and cooking tools. All these appliances are difficult to store without creating a mess in your cabinet or having to take out ten pots to get the one you need.

Thankfully, there are clever solutions such as pull-out countertops, customized cabinets, rolling kitchen cabinet and various hangers out there to save us some countertop space significantly.

Design: Design 4 Space


3. Safety comes first

According to statistics, a kitchen is a place in the home where most accidents happen. Well, it’s no wonder with all that heat, flames, knives, slippery floor going on inside! To enjoy your time in the kitchen, you have to protect yourself. Purchase appliances that have safety features. Hobs nowadays come with a flame failure device that cuts off the gas supply when the flame goes out from a strong wind. Ensure all electrical switches are reasonably distanced from water and moisture areas and make sure your mobile trolleys or islands are secured with breaks in the castors.


4. Picking materials

Nowadays you have countless, unique materials for your kitchen. Your kitchen should combine comfort, design, and efficiency, which is why it’s important to choose the proper materials.

Commercial and professional kitchens mostly use stainless steel since it is the most durable material suitable for cabinet and countertops. Homeowners and home cooks prefer them because they are long lasting and possess low maintenance requirements.

A mistake many people make is putting thermo-foil cabinets next to a high heat source. Therefore, if you are planning to have cabinets with a thermo-foil finish next to your stove, it is essential to install heat shields on it to avoid warping.

Backsplashes allow you the total freedom related to patterns and designs. However, keep in mind the pros and cons for different types of materials.

Design: Jubilee Interior


5. Play with design

Play with the design of your kitchen and be creative with colours and textures! Mix up materials and patterns to give your kitchen a touch of your personality and match colours to make a soothing contrast. You can either follow one style or you can mix things up with different designs to create an eclectic style.


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