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8 Ways to Conceal Your DB Box

While the DB box may be a really important part of the home—it helps to distribute electricity within your space after all—it can be a huge design downer. They are usually housed in a standard enclosure in newer HDB flats or kept exposed. Whichever the case, they are not a good look, especially if you have spent months trying to recreate that Muji minimalism theme for your home. If you are looking to conceal your DB box—as you should—we scoured homes in Singapore to see how others have managed to keep it out of sight.

1. Shoe Bench

Removing the standard DB box enclosure in this BTO flat, the designers turned the entire space into a shoe cabinet, with a little recessed area where you could sit and put on shoes. The DB box is located above that nook and hidden behind a panel.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

2. Storage Units

Alternatively, if you need lots of storage, consider building storage units in front of your DB box to conceal it. This home extended the storage carpentry all the way to the other side of the wall, which obviously provides more storage but also works better visually.

Design: Icon Interior Design

3. See-through Feature

Instead of concealing the DB box completely, the designers decided to make a feature out of it by covering it with a patterned glass panel. It serves as a focal point for the walkway with the sliding doors to the kitchen and the staircase framing it when they slide open.

Design: Para.graph

4. Mirror Panels

If you don’t want to do major works to your standard DB box enclosure, just replace the doors with mirror panels. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication, they can also help to brighten up your home by bouncing around more light.

Design: The Scientist

5. Laminates

Mirrors not your thing? Clad it with laminates instead. Make sure you choose laminates that match with your surrounding carpentry, so no one will be able to tell that that houses your DB box.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

6. Entryway Catch-all

Every entryway needs a catch-all, for dumping of keys, junk mail and loose change. And that DB box area is the perfect spot to do up one. Love the addition of shelving underneath this structure, which adds to the functionality of the space.

Design: AO Studios

7. Shoe Cabinet

Another storage idea. If you have the DB box installed near the entrance of your home, hide it behind a custom shoe cabinet. Look at the generous amount of space this one has—all the better for the shoe-obsessed!

Design: Icon Interior Design

8. Wine Corner

Oenophiles, you will want to bookmark this. Turn the DB box area into a mini home bar, complete with wine chiller, a tabletop for setting your wine glasses and ambient spotlights. The DB box here is concealed behind the two panels, just above the switches and power points.

Design: Metamorphic


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