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7 Ways to Camouflage HDB Bathroom Pipes (no hacking required)

Find the pipes in your HDB bathroom to be a sight for sore eyes? Consider these ways to camouflage them without needing to hack any part of your bathroom.

1. Distract with similar finishes

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. So if you have copper pipes, get other copper fixtures in the bathroom so everything looks intentional and complementary. You can do the same thing with other metallic finishes.

Designs: Voila and Notion of W

2. Extend and use it as a fixture

We love how the pipes in this HDB bathroom were extended and then use as fixtures. They lend plenty of character and offer a raw, laid-back look, perfect if you like the industrial style.

Design: The Association

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3. Conceal it within a tall cabinet

Camouflage chunky sewage pipes hanging down from your ceiling with a ceiling-mounted tall cabinet. You get to hide the ugly pipes, whilst getting some extra storage for your bathroom. Double score!

Design: I.Poise Design

4. Cover it with greenery

Plants are perfect if you want to bring a sense of the outdoors in. Cascading types like the Philodendron (money plant) or the spider plant are good options for hiding tall sewage pipes. Plus, these thrive in hot and humid environments like the bathroom.

Design: Liid Studio

5. Paint it black

Nothing says chic like painting your pipes black. Good choice for a monochromatic theme! Get a paint that is suitable for your bathroom’s humid environment. Also make sure you use primer on the surface first before painting. This will reduce the chances of the paint flaking. Select a primer that can be used on either metal or PVC surfaces, depending on your bathroom pipes.

Designs: Chapter B and DAP Atelier

6. Turn it into a feature

If you can’t hide it, flaunt it we say. Take a leaf from this bathroom where the designers painted the sewage pipes a fabulous pink to go with the pastel green hues on the wall tiles.

Design: Free Space Intent

7. Let your cat use it

Get the cat out of the bag and into your bathroom by turning your pipes into your fur kid’s scratching post. It’s a great DIY project for the weekend. All you need are some rope and hot glue.

Design: DistinctIdentity

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