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5 Ways to Bring Spring Pastel Colours Into Your Home

The soft and delicate spring is like a girl’s dream. The gardens depicted by Impressionists are full of ambiguous and hazy beauty. How to bring such an atmosphere to your home? Pastel tint colour is the key. But using this colour scheme at home to bring out the sense of elegance is not easy. Here are a few ways suggested to bring spring breeze at home!

Design: Starry Homestead

Start from the details

If you are not confident to use pastel colours throughout the house, you may start with small details, putting some pastel colours bed sheets, cushions, and soft blankets at home. These soft pastel-coloured and pattered furnishings will be the highlight in a simple room with white walls.

Moreover, putting the furnishings and furniture with gold and steel edges can greatly increase the sense of elegance. The contrasting rose gold and pastel colours surprisingly match, and the thin metal frame has a light feel when matched with soft pastel colours to add the finishing touch.

Design: Fineline Design

Image: Deco Man

Stack to build layers

In addition to having pastel colours items in small details, having pastel colours tone in the large area create a different kind of elegance. As shown in the picture above, soft tones such as cream pink and mint green are used, combined with the bold use of multiple patterns, it surprising becomes a colourful yet elegant bedroom.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

Complementary colour matching

The matching of complementary colours is always exciting. Although it may not be suitable for home decoration, the pastel tone breaks this limitation. As shown in the picture below, as the pastel pink is soft, it can blend with the same series of colour tone without being abrupt.

To create a room with a soft feeling, the colours should be matched, so you should insist on using the same pastel colour tone in the entire room and using a pattern to match with each other.

Image: Deco Man

Choose warm colours

There are many colour levels of pastel tone. Some are livelier and some are more elegant. If you want to use an elegant pastel hue, choose the warmer and softer one between the two similar colours. If you like baby pink but doubt it is nor mature enough, you may choose the flesh-coloured baby pink. It will be more elegant than ballet-slipper pink. Another example is that cloudy blue is more mature than baby blue.

Image: Deco Man

Pastel colour accessories

Tableware and small decoration are the ideal areas of having a touch of pastel colours. Putting pastel-tone glass or ceramic dishes on the table can bring a little dynamic to the table. Add pastel-toned tableware according to the home style you want. Victorian-style pastel-tone tableware will accentuate the retro feel, while modern and simple pastel-tone tableware will add a sense of liveliness.

Design: Forefront Interior

Pastel tones are more lively than cool colours and milder than bright colours with high saturation. It is just right and beautiful for home use. Pastel tones of different colours can bring out different feelings of home.


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