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Water heaters where hot water is a constant

Choosing between a storage and instant water heater is usually quite an easy decision for me, as I am used to the convenience of what an instant water heater can offer. Of course, instant heaters do come with a disadvantage. As the device is mounted on the wall, it can potentially kill off your beautiful bathroom design.

But since I don’t wish to sacrifice my hotel-themed bathrooms, I told myself that I will have to find good and pretty ones.

After sourcing around, I found them in the Aures Smart SMC33 and Aures Luxury ST33 instant water heaters from Ariston Thermo. Let’s take a look at what’s inside their boxes:

Here are three key features that make them my top choices.

1. The Look, The Beauty

One of my favourite features of these Ariston water heaters is their appearance. Their sleek Italian design fits in well with different home themes, so you don’t have to compromise the aesthetic aspect of your bathroom renovation that you probably have already spent quite a bit on.

Here’s how they look against my beautiful bathroom walls!


2. Constant Temperature Technology

For owners of instant heaters, if you’ve ever encountered temperature fluctuations when you’re happily showering, it’s probably because another water source in your home is turned on. When another water source is turned on, water pressure is affected and that causes that temperature change for your shower. If you, like me, are staying with a mother-in-law who loves to wash the dishes at the same time as you’re showering, then this temperature fluctuation is a huge pain in the axx, er, I mean, literal pain the body. I will then have to re-adjust the temperature of the heater to get it to my desired temperature.

But with the Ariston water heaters, it has put an end to my misery thanks to their Constant Temperature Technology. Temperature stays constant no matter what happens. So yes, even when my mother-in-law is washing her dishes.

But I wouldn’t believe it unless I put it to a test. I left the shower to flow at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and turn on the basin tap. And even though the water pressure is affected when the tap is turned on, the temperature remained the same!

I measured the temperature of the water output from the showerhead before and after the basin tap is turn on. Believe it or not, both readings were at 40 degrees Celsius (+- abit, considering the three seconds of heat loss when I brought the bowl of water from the showerhead to the vanity top.) Take a look at this short clip:

This constant temperature means in the long run, I will get to save more $$ money on my bills, as energy and water is conserved (no more having to wait till the water reaches my desired level temperature) and utilised effectively to deliver the temperature consistency.


3. Extra Safety Feature – Anti-Scalding System 2.0

Finally, the water heaters also come with a feature that will detect the input water temperature. So once the water reaches my pre-set temperature, the heating process will be cut off, ensuring that I don’t get scalded accidentally.


Final Thoughts

For the look, the features and the price, these Ariston water heaters are definitely a value-for-money investment. Now my family and I enjoy our shower sessions, and I’ve stop cursing others when they turn on other water sources while I am bathing. 🙂

Fun Facts:

  • Through Ariston’s survey results, 70% of Singaporeans most preferred shower temperature range from 35°C to 40°C.
  • 20% prefer to shower with water temperature between 30°C and 34°C, while 10% enjoy a warmer shower temperature ranging from 41°C to 45°C.

What is your most preferred shower temperature?

I hope you have a better understanding of this Ariston instant water heater series. 🙂

You can read up more about them here: and


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