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Water Heater: Storage, Instant or Gas?

If you’re doing up your bathroom, you’ll inevitably be considering installing a water heater to combat the chilly weather in Singapore (or body aches). Scratching your head over what you should get? Then read on as we explore the 3 main types of water heaters available in the market today: storage, instant and gas.



  • suitable for rain showers and bathtubs
  • great for people who relish long baths due to the amount of hot water stored in the tank
  • takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the water to be heated up
  • hot water is only as much as the storage tank can hold so you need to heat up more if you’ve finished all the hot water
  • uses electricity
  • usually mounted near the ceiling in the bathroom
  • start up fee is lower than an instant or gas heater as you need to install only one for your bathrooms
  • may incur more expensive utility bills in the long run


  • instantly heats up water for use in the shower
  • great for people who prefer quick showers
  • not suitable for rain showers and bathtubs due to its lower water pressure
  • uses electricity
  • start up fee is higher because every bathroom will require it, but saves on the utility bills in the long run


  • uses gas, which requires it to be installed in the service yard or kitchen
  • requires additional pipes that are routed to your bathrooms
  • takes a few seconds for the water to heat up
  • more ozone-friendly as it uses gas
  • start up fee is higher, but saves on the utility bills in the long run as the gas tariff is more affordable
  • you can visit for information on installation fees


There are, of course, pros and cons to each type of heater so it all depends on your bathing needs. Have fun weighing the options and may the hot water be ever in your favour!

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