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Watch Your Step: Feng Shui Afflictions of 2016


The Year of the Monkey has come swinging in, bringing with it new opportunities and new challenges. If the trials and tribulations of the Year of the Goat are any proof, it is best to be prepared for any outcomes. Being aware of the Feng Shui Afflictions that are in effect this year can help make this year work out better for you than the last despite any challenges that may be thrown your way.

In the Xuan Kong Fei Xing or Flying Stars method of Feng Shui, a Qi map of the property is derived from calculations and then used to determine the quality of Qi in each sector of the home. The Flying Stars themselves are not a reference to the stars in the sky, but rather, in context of Feng Shui and classical texts, an abbreviation or code for the different types of Qi.

The Qi on a property is governed by the stars and the Forms. By understanding what stars are located in which sectors of the property, we able to decide how to best utilise that area and understand what potentials and setbacks presents based on the nature of the energies in that sector.

The inauspicious Three Killings Star is located in the South (157.6° – 202.5°) side of your property this year. It is best to leave this sector alone by avoiding any significant ground-breaking or renovation activities in this sector. If provoked, this star can unleash some serious and unpleasant consequences on both the property and its inhabitants. Potential repercussions can range from robberies and theft to mishaps and accidents, loss of wealth and possessions, as well as persistent health complications.

In the Northeast (22.6° – 67.5°), be cautious of The Five Yellows since it is the danger zone for 2016. Avoid this sector at all costs and refrain from any renovation, refurbishment or drilling work to escape the negative energies contained in this sector. Consider relocating any washroom or storeroom located in this area to avoid being plagued by concealed or hidden problems and agendas throughout the year. However, if the sector is an open, vast and pleasant area like a courtyard, you are in luck, for you can anticipate the likelihood of sudden financial gains.

The 2016 Year Breaker is located in the Northeast 3 (52.6° – 67.5°) making it an inauspicious sector that if aggravated, can lead to serious repercussions from the “Wrath of the Great Duke”. Any refurbishment and renovation activities in this sector should called off, leaving this area inactive.

The Grand Duke resides in the Southwest 3 (232.6° – 247.5°) sector in 2016, bringing negative consequences such as misfortunes and accidents to the property and residents. Avoid activating the negative energies here by refraining from renovation and ground-breaking activities there. Abstain from spending time in this sector, especially for important activities. At work, try not to face or spend time in the Southwest 3 corner of your office. To counter the negative effects bearing on this sector, put your back against the Southwest 3 sector to greatly enhance your authority and at work, thus exerting a better sense of control.

For the 2016 Year of the Monkey, the Negative Sectors are the Northeast, the Northwest and the North. Wealth Sectors are Southwest and East, and Academic Sectors are West and Southeast. While keeping the negative and afflicted sectors inactive, take advantage of the wealth and academic sectors and you’ll find yourself with better opportunities that can help you overcome anything this year may throw at you.

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