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Vesuvius by Softrock Living


In my ‘Insight on how to maximize your Space‘ series, I have urged homeowners to rethink the traditional role of the furniture. Multipurpose furniture, such as storage beds, benches and convertible sofas, helps to ensure that whatever footprint they took up matters.

Furthermore as the homeowners’ lifestyle evolves, some adapt by moving from roomy to compact or vice versa while others reshuffle their home configuration. There are also homeowners who choose to customise their home interiors and layout such that they are able to recreate utilitarian spaces spontaneously.

Inevitably, this gave rise to the emergence of other types of furniture; multi-flexible home living solutions specially designed at the product or floor plan level.


What is multi-flexible Furniture?

Multi-flexible furniture has an innate ability to adapt to the changing demands and surroundings seamlessly. Such furniture ensures greater space efficiency and thus able to adapt to the homeowners’ evolving lifestyle and environment.


Vesuvius™ by SoftRock Living


SoftRock Living is a local online store which offers chic, sophisticated alternative furniture such as Vesuvius™ for modern and elegant home interiors. SoftRock Living takes great pride in its products and ensures that they are engineered for maximum comfort and handcrafted with precision workmanship using only the premium materials.


Introducing Vesuvius™


Vesuvius™’s simple construct belies its exceedingly versatile nature. In fact, Vesuvius™ is extremely pliable and thus can function either as a chair, sorta laptop table or even as a lounge bed. Furthermore, it is highly portable and thus can be easily moved anywhere in the home or office.

The secret to Vesuvius™ ‘s adaptability is its malleable and frame-less construct which allows homeowners to easily mold it into any shape for seating comfort.


Bohemian™ and Dionysus™ Stylish Seating Lounger Solutions


Aside from Vesuvius™, SoftRock Living also carries other elegantly designed seating lounger solutions which can blend into different home interior design themes effortlessly. These solutions include the Bohemian™ and Dionysus lounger which is perfect for both home entertainment and lounging.

In fact, homeowners who wishes to take a look at the SoftRock Living products range can choose to do so at the various locations such as Midview City and Oxley Bizhub.


The Midview City Showroom


To find out more, I decided to pay the Midview City Showroom a visit. I was certainly surprised that the showroom was exceptionally well renovated and exudes vintage, grandeur charm. The host was Shane Low, who is the charismatic co-founder of Softrock Living by day and a gifted guitarist of PennyLane by night.


The visit to the showroom was really worthwhile; I was able to try Vesuvius™, Bohemian™ and Dionysus™ at the showroom and select the colour and materials on the spot too!



Selection Tips for Homeowners
– Bring along a floorplan;
– Lighter colours are more suitable for smaller rooms and;
– Customisation such as changes in the size and adding of pockets can be done at a small fee.



The elegantly designed seating lounger solutions from SoftRock Living are generously filled with polystyrene pellets that supports and cradles the homeowner in comfort. In addition, the deluxe cover is easily removable for cleaning and is available in a variety of fabrics and materials such as synthetic suede, fur, and chenille velvet to match any home decor. In addition, Vesuvius™ and Dionysus™ has two zippers instead of just one and the inside zipper is child proof for safety. Furthermore, they are available in two sizes, medium and large.


Various configurations of Vesuvius™

To illustrate the versatility of Vesuvius™, Shane gamely showed me how the lounger could be configured for maximum comfort.


The simplest configuration of all – The “Sofa”; simply perfect for lovebirds who simply want to snuggle up together.


The “Slouch” should be a hit among the couch potatoes who laze all day in front of the TV.


I prefer the “Sofa cum sorta Desk” configuration the most. This is because it saves much precious space and I can literally work from any corner of my home!


Nonetheless, the “Throne” is still the best for supreme comfort.


Making an order for Vesuvius™

Making arrangement for the delivery is very easy and straightforward. I can either order online or request through Shane directly. In addition, he also informed me that delivery is only available from Mondays to Saturdays. The colour of my choice was Wild Cherry which happens to be the most popular colour.

Guest Appearance;
doob® Bean Bags and Chic Sin Design’s Grizzly Bear!

Aside from SoftRock Living, the showroom also showcases other lifestyle products such as the doob®, Chic Sin Design bean bags, Qualy and Slingshot!



The affordable doob® Bean Bags are made in Singapore and come with removable covers for easier maintenance and durability. In addition to the many fun, refreshing colors to choose from, these covers come with a 6 months warranty! Furthermore, I observed that the doob® Bean Bags are pretty sturdy and thus more durable than those run-of-the-mill bean bags which are retailed elsewhere.




However, I must admit that the coolest, the most unconventional bean bag which I have come across so far is the sleeping grizzly bear bean bag designed by Hong Kong based Chic Sin Design. It looks so lifelike that I could almost hear it snoring! I realised that the realism and added depth was due to the upholstery which was knitted instead of the usual printed graphics. I am sure that this cute sleepy bear will definitely be well loved by adults and children alike due to its functional nature; it can be used either as a comfortable chair or even as a foot stool. Homeowners will be relieved to know that the knitted cover can also be removed and washed.



My Thoughts

The showroom visit is certainly a fruitful and unforgettable trip as I get to try out various SoftRock Living products and numerous other different home interior products which they carry. In actuality, I am immensely grateful to Shane who is an extremely accommodating host and he took the time to patiently answer all my questions. Hence, I strongly urge homeowners to make a trip down the showroom to find out more on what SoftRock Living has to offer.

Before I conclude this post, I would like to share that I will be reviewing Vesuvius™ in my next blog entry. So do stay tuned!


For readers who want to find out more about the SoftRock Living Showrooms, here are the addresses:


22 Sin Ming Lane #05-82 Midview City, Singapore 573969
Slingshot at 71 Ubi Road 1, #05-40 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408732
Ewins Home at 24 Sin Ming Lane #01-100 Midview City Singapore 573970

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