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Vesuvius By Softrock Living Part II


Well, I have blogged about Vesuvius™, an extremely pliable multi-flexible furniture which can function either as a chair, sorta laptop table or even as a lounge bed, from SoftRock Living. SoftRock Living is a brand of chic, sophisticated alternative furniture such as Vesuvius™ for modern and elegant home interiors.


To recap, I have made an order for Vesuvius™ in large size a few months back. Making the arrangement for the delivery is very easy and straightforward and the delivery is available from Mondays to Saturdays. I have chosen Wild Cherry, which happens to be the most popular color, for my Vesuvius™.

Day of Delivery
The delivery personnel is extremely punctual and took great care to ensure that my purchase is in order. I noticed that SoftRock Living has ensured that the Vesuvius™ is all wrapped up in a thick and clear plastic so that my order is protected from scratches or rain. Kudos to that! 

Vesuvius-By-Softrock-Living-3Material and Workmanship
SoftRock Living really lives up to its promise; the materials used for Vesuvius™ are thick and all the stitches are straight, neatly well done and there are absolutely no stray threads at all. The deluxe cover zip is smooth to operate and the the inside zipper is also child proof for safety. Its cover is extremely easy to take off and slip back on. Lastly, Vesuvius™ is very generously filled with polystyrene pellets.



Image here

 Adaptable and Comfortable
Vesuvius™ ‘s malleable and frame-less construct makes it a breeze for me to easily mold it into any shape for seating comfort! My favorite shape is the “Throne” since this offers supreme comfort and support while I work for hours on my laptop. However, my partner prefers the “Slouch” since he loves to laze around “in style” in front of the TV. As Vesuvius™ is also highly portable, I have enormous fun moving it anywhere in my home. Nonetheless, having flexible furniture means I get to maximize every inch of my place. In fact, I get to utilize Vesuvius™ in narrow nooks which couldn’t accommodate traditional sized chairs. 

Vesuvius-By-Softrock-Living-7In addition, I realize that my backaches are gone ever since I start using

Vesuvius™. However, this is hardly surprising since Vesuvius™ is able to provide ample support for my back as it easily molds to custom fit my body shape and sitting position.

Image hereEndless Fun!
Well, how does 
Vesuvius™ fare when I have guests over? It is a certainly a pleasant surprise that Vesuvius™ proved to be a great hit among my guests during the Christmas and New Year gatherings. In actuality, Vesuvius™ has since been used as….

A “communal” sofa as my guests snuggle up and chill out with a cuppa coffee. In fact, I am surprised to find out that Vesuvius™ is able to provide comfortable seating for not two but three petite ladies!
An extra coffee table when my existing one ran out of space;
A makeshift game “table” for game board addicts guests;
A sofa bed for one of my drunk tired guests and;
A huggable TV companion – my bestie actually joked that if Baymax (a personal healthcare robot from the highly acclaimed movie, Big Hero 6) is real, Baymax would perhaps be as big, warm and cuddle-some as 


VesuviusTM Caring Tips
To keep Vesuvius™ in tip top condition, an occasional cleaning is a must. In fact, I have religiously performed the following maintenance routine for the past few months:

1. Removing Dust and Fur
Ikea BÄSTIS Lint roller, is one of the most effective ways to keep Vesuvius™ pristine and free of dust and animal fur. In fact, I performed this routine on a weekly basis.
removing-dust-fur-ikea-bastis 2. Dry Cleaning
I have taken the deluxe cover out for dry cleaning prior using it. However, depending on the usage, I would probably send it for dry cleaning on either a monthly or bimonthly basis.

3. Keep away from Direct Sun
Constant exposure to direct sunlight might dull the vibrant Wild Cherry color. Hence, I make it a point to keep Vesuvius™ away from windows.


After Thoughts
It has been nearly four month ever since Vesuvius™ has been delivered to my place. I am very satisfied with the quality, workmanship and especially the versatility of Vesuvius™ . In fact, it has since permanently replaced my work chair and I am immensely glad that  Vesuvius™ has proved to be a very reliable and useful product!

Lastly, I am pleased to share that SoftRock Living has just opened a pop-up store at Tangs Orchard on the 4th level, which is open daily from now till June 2015. Hence, I strongly urge readers to take a trip down to either the pop-up store or the showrooms to find out more about 
Vesuvius™ and what SoftRock Living has to offer.Here are the addresses:

Softrock Living
22 Sin Ming Lane #05-82 Midview City, Singapore 573969
Slingshot at 71 Ubi Road 1, #05-40 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408732
Ewins Home at 24 Sin Ming Lane #01-100 Midview City Singapore 573970

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