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Using Essential Oils to Clean Your Home

Most of us like a clean and sparkling home, even more so if it smells heavenly. In today’s article, we shall take a look at the various essential oils available out there and the benefits they can offer your family. To begin, what are essential oils? Well, they’re basically a natural oil that is obtained by distillation so they tend to smell exactly like the plant or fruit they’re extracted from. Being in a highly concentrated form, the essential oils are naturally filled to the brim with all sorts of health benefits; especially for house cleaning. When used correctly, such oils are good for your health and have very few side effects. Here are some popular ones you can use at home.




If your cabinets have a musty odour, then essential oils like lavender and tea tree will eliminate both the smell and germs. Lavender also has insect repelling qualities so it’s great for homes that are facing a problem with flies or fleas. This essential oil alone may not be effective against cockroaches though, but you can combine it with peppermint essential oil and bay leaves for an all-round insect repellent.

Wipe down your kitchen counters with a sponge that has been given a few drops of lavender and peppermint essential oil. Another way is to add a few drops of both essential oils and 30ml of boiled water to a spray bottle that you can use to spray areas where you suspect the cockroaches are sneaking in e.g. windows or the exterior of your home.



If you want to keep things sparkly clean AND anti-bacterial, then citrus essential oils can do the job for you. For instance, the lemon essential oil contains anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities—making it one of the most eco-friendly ingredients to remove grease and grime. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to a small pail of warm water and use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the oven. Other popular citrus essential oils include grapefruit, lime and orange. Your oven will be smelling fresh in no time at all!



Known for being a powerful ingredient in cleaning recipes and healing remedies, the tea tree essential oil is truly an all-purpose cleaner. You might already know that tea tree is great for soothing sunburns and healing skin infections, but it’s also useful for cleaning bathroom counter-tops, taps, ovens etc. Its scent might be a tad overpowering for some people, but you can always add your favourite essential oils to create your very own home-made cleaning agent. And the best thing of all? Use it during flu season to prevent the spread of germs.


Instead of relying on expensive cleaning detergents to clean your home, why not spend less on essential oils and use them for your cleaning routine? After all, you just need a few drops each time!

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