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Up Close & Personal with Sansei Singapura

Sansei is well-known for carrying premium bathroom brands such as Cristina, Duravit, Grohe, and Tece. The bathroom products definitely look beautiful in the showroom, but how are they really like in real life? Thanks to a special invitation by Adrian Han, GM of Sansei Singapura Pte Ltd, the Panda Girl got to see with her own eyes just how gorgeous the bathroom pieces can be in an actual bathroom.


But first! Let us check out Adrian’s gorgeous 3-storey house.


The house is very big, can? It’s about 6700 sqft overall.



A nice breezy spot for chilling out after dinner



Pebble path leading to an elegant water feature along the house, the calming sound of trickling water and whisper of the wind really make this location a prime Feng Shui spot! =)



Adrian’s house even comes with a green wall that’s equipped with its own UV light! It’s also self-sustaining so not much upkeep is required. In tropical Singapore where the weather is more dry than balmy, the green wall is a fitting welcome for anyone who walks in the front door.



The very elaborate feature wall in the dining room that adds much variety to a neutral palette, it’s not wallpaper but actual wood panels that come in a range of patterns to give the wall depth.



A unique light feature that Adrian had specially custom-made for the house. Doesn’t it look artistic? Adrian hand-picked the wood pieces and had lights fixed on them to create a unique lamp that is like none other.


Touring Adrian’s house was quite fun because it has 3 stories and a basement to wander through. Each level, excluding the basement, has at least a few bathrooms so you can well imagine how many bathroom wares the house needs. He even has an open spa area where you can relax in the tub and enjoy the view.



Ah, this is the life. Just visualise yourself spending downtime in this Club spa by Knief. For maximum bathing comfort, there are ultra flat jets, Colour and Ozon therapy and even a Bluetooth interface for MP3, iPhone, iPod etc! Price: $5800 (bathtub), $9000 to $20,000 (spa)


There is another bathtub in his son’s room too.


Bath-time for the kid must be really shiok, man! You, too, will enjoy soaking in this Neo bathtub by Knief. Price: $5000


Adrian also has 2 powder rooms where guests can refresh themselves without too much trouble. If you’re wondering what a powder room is, it’s basically a small bathroom that contains only a sink and toilet. It used to be a closet-sized room where people back in the early 18th century retreated to in order to re-powder their wigs. Then the name slowly evolved to become the polite bathroom term that ladies used in order to excuse themselves from mixed company. This is one of Adrian’s powder rooms located on the ground floor.


Notice how the 2-tone Maoi free standing sink by Scarabeo adds a sculptural effect to the powder room. The body itself is black but the basin is white. Special, right? Oh, and the wall-mounted basin mixer that looks like it’s mounted on nothingness? That’s the Tricoloure Verde mixer by Cristina. Price: $3015-$4750 (sink), $824 (basin mixer)



In the second powder room, the Puravida sink from Duravit takes centre-stage with the Bollicine basin mixer from Cristina. The waterfall effect from the basin mixer gives the entire set-up a rather elegant outlook. Price: $1656 (sink), $992 (basin mixer)


I have to be honest though; my most favourite room in the entire house has got to be Adrian’s master bedroom. It has a HUGE walk-in wardrobe cum bathroom, so it’s a little bit like going into a luxurious bathroom at an upscale resort. But no matter how big a bathroom is, it must be appropriately dressed by the right bathroom wares. Here in the master bedroom bathroom, Adrian demonstrates his understated talent for choosing absolutely gorgeous bathroom wares from Sansei Singapura. They say that pictures say a thousand words so I shall just let the following pictures do the talking.



The Sandwich Colours rain shower by Cristina has LED lights incorporated into its design so you can enjoy a relaxing ‘light therapy’ as you wash away the cares of your day. In fact, it has up to 16 different light settings! This means bathing in the dark just got a whole lot more fun! Price: $3308-$6956



Don’t want to fight with your SO in the morning about who gets to use the sink first? Then consider getting thisML double bowl sink by Scarabeo fitted with a Bollicine basin mixer by Cristina. Price: $992 (basin mixer), $1000 (sink)



WCs are usually such clunky things in the bathroom, but this is truly a work of art. If you want a seamless bathroom experience, then do try out this Fusion 48 WC by Hatria. The concealed flush cistern is Kappa 50 byGeberit. Price: $1275 (WC), $553 (flushing cistern)


Last, but not least, the bathroom for the guest room! Adrian didn’t compromise on the quality here either. The Duravit wash basin and Tricoloure Verde mixer by Cristina work hand in hand here to provide anyone lucky enough to stay over at Adrian’s house a flawless washing experience.



Bacino wash basin by Duravit and Tricolore Verde basin mixer by Cristina. Price: $1269 (wash basin), $861 (basin mixer)


Now, you might think they are a little on the expensive side. But consider the premium quality you’re paying for, because you’ll enjoy your bathroom wares for many years to come. =) And now, you have even more of a reason to shop at Sansei Singapura! They’ll be having a sale on selected items where discounts can go up to 70%! This promotion will be from 4th to 6th April, 9am to 6pm. So don’t miss out, ya!


SANSEI showroom:

462 Tagore Industrial Ave Singapore 787831

Telephone: 6292 8321


*Prices listed are before GST and discount so do remember to check out their sale!

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