Unlock Your Creativity with these freemium AI tools: Redesign Your Home Interiors with RoomGPT, Remodeled AI and REimagineHome

  • Aug 1, 2023

Look no further if you're seeking to redesign your home interiors on a budget, as RoomGPT and Remodeled AI have got you covered. Whether you're a first-time homeowner looking to design your entire home or an individual eager to revamp a single room, these incredible freemium AI tools offer the perfect solution. They'll help unlock your creativity and bring your ideas to life!

RoomGPT AI Free

RoomGPT AI Free stands out as an innovative, AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the way you can reimagine home interiors and living spaces. With cutting-edge technology, RoomGPT AI allows you to effortlessly upload a photo of any room and witness it transform into an Instagram-worthy masterpiece.

Here are 5 things you need to know.

#1. RoomGPT AI Free has a free option

Room GPT provides homeowners with a free option, offering unlimited renders, good quality images, and image upscaling. If you are willing to invest in additional features, there is a subscription plan available at $15 USD per month. This premium plan includes benefits such as an ad-free experience, faster and higher quality renders, the ability to render two images simultaneously, and access to premium support for a more enhanced user experience.

#2. Makes use of ML and ControlNet model for room variations generations

Room GPT AI harnesses the combined potential of AI and Machine Learning (ML) , utilizing the advanced ControlNet model to generate a wide array of room variations. Through its sophisticated algorithms, Room GPT AI adeptly grasps the intricacies of design and produces an extensive range of interior design ideas, providing homeowners with ample inspiration to explore and enhance their living spaces.

#3. Effortless room redesigns  

Using this user-friendly tool is a breeze; all you require is a photo of the room and a smartphone or tablet. Just upload the photo to the app, make your selections with a few taps, and witness the magic unfold. The AI-generated design ideas will instantly transform the space, offering you a glimpse of the possibilities with proposed color palettes, furniture designs, and accessories.

#4. Sharing and collaborating with friends and family to gather feedback

You can effortlessly share the designs with friends and family across various platforms, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable collaboration experience!

#5. Provides an infinite variety of design themes through AR

There are no design boundaries! Unleash your creativity as this incredible tool invites homeowners to explore a diverse array of interior design themes, from modern to traditional, industrial to Japanese, and more. With Room GPT AI, the excitement of discovering and experimenting with unique design elements is just a tap away, bringing instant inspiration and endless possibilities right to your fingertips. Furthermore, it makes use of the image recognition technology, Lensa, to breathe life into the design theme through Augmented Reality (AR).

Here is our observations when we tried RoomGPT.

RoomGPR allows us to upload photos of an empty room, and each theme generation provides with you 2 design variations. However, you can only choose 1 theme for each image render.

Detailed good quality image, with option to upscale the image
The rendered images look similar to the ones generated by MidJourney.

Theme: CyberPunk

Remodeled AI and ReimagineHome

On the other hand, Remodeled AI and REimageine Home harnesses the power of AI to generate interior design ideas. Through advanced machine learning and image recognition technology, they can analyze and interpret visual data, making it remarkably simple for you to creatively reimagine and personalize your living spaces.

Here are 4 things you need to be aware of.

#1. Remodeled  AI and REimagine Home has a free option

To utilize the functionalities of the Remodeled AI, you must first register an account which allows you 3 free image generations to try. You can setup more email accounts to register if you need more image generations.  While there are free options available, opting for the paid subscription starting at $8.99 USD per month offers additional benefits. These perks include 25 renders, premium support, private image renders, and access to a complete history of image generations from the last 24 hours.

As for REimagineHome, it is currently offered completely free of charge. The payment is only required when you wish to download the images, starting at $19 USD for a package of 10 image downloads.

#2. Makes use of AI algorithms for visualizing several design options 

Using cutting-edge AI algorithms, Remodeled AI and REimagineHome examines uploaded room images and generates innovative designs inspired by chosen themes and styles. By intelligently recognizing the room's layout and existing elements, it makes informed design choices that uphold the original structure while introducing creative enhancements.

#3. Limitations and Considerations

Recognizing and comprehending the limitations and challenges associated with remodelling AI tools is crucial. Although the remodelling AI tools possess remarkable capabilities, you must be aware that various factors such as image quality, lighting conditions, and preferences can impact the final outcomes. If you are looking at  complex requirements or those demanding extensive customization, the expertise of a professional interior designer remains the most valuable and beneficial for such cases.

#4. Maximize the effectiveness of remodelling AI tools with the following tips

To optimize the effectiveness of remodelling AI tools,  follow these recommendations and tips: Remember to use bright, clear and detailed images of the room to get more accurate design suggestions; explore different themes and styles offered for unique design possibilities; take advantage of customization tools (if any) to personalize the designs according to your preferences; seek inspiration from various sources to enhance your vision and creativity! Lastly, you should consider collaborating with a professional interior designer to review and implementation of ideas!

Here is our experience when we tried Remodeled AI.

More flexible
Remodeled AI allow us to upload photos of an empty room, and also allow us to mix several design themes. 

Pro account
Having a pro account allows you to choose the materials, colour palette and unlimited image generations.

Theme: Victorian

Theme: Cyber Punk & Industrial

Here is our experience when we tried REimagine Home.

Less Flexible
Photos of empty room is not allowed, and the photo must have a pieces of furniture. In addition, you can only choose 1 theme.

More options
Nevertheless, there is 3 variations for each chosen theme, and that you are allowed to choose (by masking) the areas you wish to be reimagined.

Pro account
Having a paid account allows you to remove the watermark, and download bigger generated images.

Theme: Industrial

Together, these remarkable AI tools present an exciting and accessible approach to achieving stunning home interior transformations without breaking the bank. Let RoomGPT, Remodeled AI and REimagineHome inspire and assist you in creating the perfect living environment that reflects your unique vision and style.

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