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9 Unique Ways to Create a Focal Point Without Using Feature Walls

Every room needs a focal point. A focal point is a main design element that is distinct and stands out. Your eye is immediately drawn towards it, allowing your space to feel more put together.

One of the easiest ways to introduce one into a space is with a feature wall. But with feature walls going the way of the dinosaur, you might want to rethink that faux brick or accent colour wall. Instead, consider these focal point alternatives that will still make your home come together beautifully.

1. Statement Ceiling

Think about the fifth wall—your ceiling—when it comes to creating a focal point for your room. Here, a multifaceted false ceiling is painted a bright blue and embedded with spotlights to define the dining area of this condominium. Makes you look up, doesn’t it?

Design: Free Space Intent

2. Arched Doorway

If introducing bold colours is not your thing, stick with unconventional forms. This open-concept home went with an all-neutral colour scheme, using the arched doorway leading to the bedrooms to serve as the focal point instead. It stands out against the rest of the edges and lines of the space.


3. Space Divider

Besides segregating the dining area from the open-plan living room, the slatted wall feature also functions as this space’s focal point. It draws attention with its height by stretching all the way to the ceiling, but also its wood material which contrasts against the more polished finishes in the condominium.

Design: UNO Interior

4. Cosy Corner

A relaxing reading lounge area carved from a part of this living room is the focal point for this space. Bordering the floor-to-ceiling window, it is set on a raised platform and swathed in a classic blue, stealing attention from the grey-washed colour scheme.

Design: Stylemyspace

5. Thatched Walkway

Walkways can also be an excellent focal point for your space. Here, it is marked by a sloped false ceiling and a refreshing mint paint job to emphasise the thatched design.

Design: ROOOT Studio

6. Feature Carpentry

The TV wall is a common area to set your focal point for the living room. But instead of going with a two-dimensional feature wall, turn it into an architectural storage statement piece.


7. Transition Flooring

This dining area’s focal point is its attention-grabbing flooring. Transitioning between hexagon and woodgrain tiles, the unique flooring also acts as a visual guide to lead the eye from the foyer into the rest of the home.


8. Mirror, Mirror

An oversized mirror definitely calls for attention. It is the perfect focal point for a small space, since it helps to bounce more light and gives the illusion of spaciousness. In this 2-room flat, the mirror feature doubles as a TV wall on the other side.

Design: Lemonfridge Studio

9. Rotating Doors

Doors don’t usually steal the show, but in this apartment, the unconventional pivoting wood-frame doors serve as the focal points for this Scandinavian-themed space.

Design: Story of Us


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