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An Unbelievably Simple Ikea Hack that will Ventilate your Bathroom – DIY your own Bathroom Privacy Curtain in 4 Simple Steps!

Image from Static.wixstatic


The bathroom is not getting enough ventilation!!

Although we have a big window, the bathroom is not getting enough ventilation. This is because due to the layout of our unit, the bathroom window cannot be opened fully. Otherwise our neighbors, who are from the higher floors, would be able to peek inside our bathroom.

As a result, the window remained only slightly opened most of the time. Therefore, bathroom ventilation fan is not able to operate efficiently since the hot and damp air cannot be expelled effectively.

Contributing factors

1. Bathroom window cannot be opened fully
2. Ventilation fan is not able to operate effectively

To address this issue, we decided to find a way to shield the bathroom from prying eyes while keeping the bathroom window fully opened.

Quest for the “Ideal” Solution Begins..

We had quite a fair bit of discussion and finally reached the following consensus; the solution to the problem at hand must fit the following 8 criteria:
1. Cheap and affordable, less than $20;
2. Easy to install and remove;
3. Easy to clean and maintain;
4. Take up minimal footprint, non-intrusive and blends in our surroundings;
5. Allow for maximum air ventilation;
6. Allow for natural light to filter in;
7. Stay in shape, does not flip up easily when it is windy and;

8. Protect the privacy of the people who are using the bathroom.

After much research, we decided to DIY our own bathroom window privacy “curtain”.  It has to be made of perforated flexible material that allows for light to filter in, air flow and stays in place.

The dark grey FÖNSTERVIVA panel curtain from IKEA (which we had used for our DIY privacy door screen project 2 years ago) is the best candidate!

Images from Ikea Singapore

Here is how the material looks like; it is perforated, “breathable” and flexible.

Proposed Solution

Here is how our DIY window privacy “curtain” looks like during the day and night.

Installation Process

The entire installation, which consist of 4 simple steps, took less than an hour and the best part?

No drilling is involved!

Tools needed

Here is a list of things you need:
1. Scissors;
2. Pen knife;
3. Measuring tape;
4. Cutting board;
5. FÖNSTERVIVA curtain panel * (IKEA);
6. Tension rod* (DAISO) and;
7. Curtain clips (DAISO) or hole puncher.

* Note: Measurements must cater to the width of the bathroom window

Step 1
Measure and cut to size the length of the curtain panel needed.

Step 2

 Since we were unable to get hold of the curtain clips* at DAISO, we decided to make our own holes for the tension rod instead.

Kindly note that we would recommend you to use curtain clips since the DIY would be much easier and straight forward.

Divide and fold the cut curtain panel into the equal number of portions. This is to make it easier for puncturing the holes meant for the tension rod to go through.

You can achieve this by using a hole puncher – the holes will turn out nicer. In this case, we could not find the hole puncher and decided to do it by brute force. 🙁

* Note: Divide and fold the cut curtain panel into the equal number of portions as the curtain clips. For instance, if you have 6 curtain clips, you should divide and fold the cut curtain panel into the equal number of portions.

Step 3

Run the tension rod through the holes*.

* Note: If you are using the curtain clips, you would only need to clip the curtain panel and run the tension rod through the loops.

Step 4

Install the tension rod with the privacy “curtain” and …..

The DIY is complete!! 🙂

Do share with us your DIYs too!


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