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Un..Un..Un.. Unbelievable Coffee table and Sofa – See it to believe it!

Baby girl on her stomach. Looking up with surprised expression.


” Un-un-un-un-unbelievable that’s what these are!
Be it the coffee table or the sofa
Un-un-un-un-unbelievable so weird and bizarre!! “
These photos of coffee tables and sofas are so unbelievably outlandish you won’t believe that they are actually functional!


Ripple Effect Coffee Table
Image source: Designboom
The Ripple Effect Coffee Table is inspired by the easterners common belief that small changes of an individual person or object will make big impact on the larger society.
Cassette Tape Coffee Table
Image source: Jeffskierkadesigns
The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is made of high-grade Baltic Birch Plywood with Maple veneer, solid American Walnut “tape” with hand-rubbed oil finish. Yes, the table is complete with reversible – sides A and B, stamped and numbered on each side!
Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table
Image source: Etsy
The NES Controller Coffee Table is made from maple, mahogany and walnut with mid century modern legs. Yes, this table is fully functional as a Nintendo NES controller and can be used to play games.
Planter cum Coffee Table
Image source: inhabitat
Part coffee table and part planter, this awesome coffee table harnesses the power of dirt to charge your gadgets! The built-in Microbial Fuel Cell in the fresh green planter pot actually generates enough power to charge small electronics!
Aquarium Coffee Table
Image source: Thisiswhyimbroke
The dual functional glass-topped coffee table includes a two-stage submersible filter pump and decorative plants. Fishes not included.
Alien Table
Image source: instash
The Alien Table looks like it has just escaped from the Ridley Scott’s movie set!
 Levitating Cube Coffee Table 
Image source: Dvice
Do you believe that this Levitating Cube Coffee Table has a total of 64 cubes none of them touch each other or the floor?!


Cake Sofa with Slice Ottoman
Image source: Worleygig
The Slice Ottoman doubles up as a coffee table too!


Cactus Sofa
Image source: Pixdaus
Image source: Funstuffcafe
These cactus inspired sofas surely keep the potato coaches at bay!
Egg Sofa
Image source: Localtraders
Imagine a sofa that comes with eggs as cushions!


Baseball Sofa


Car sofa
Image source: Thechive
Sport themed sofas for the sport enthusiasts.


FlexibleLove Recycled Paper and Wood Waste Sofa
Image source: Eastcityart
Amazing space saving and environmental friendly sofa which can be extended whenever there are extra guests.


Tooth Brush or Scrubbing Brush inspired Sofa
Technically speaking, this sofa can be a bed too but those plush ‘bristles’ doesn’t look very comfortable either.


Stuffed Animal Sofa
Image source: Olinscrib
If you have way too many stuffed toys lying around your house, this is an awesome way to recycle them into something very useful.


That’s all for today and I hope that these coffee tables and sofas have left you stunned like vegetable.




Before I end my post, let me leave you with the “Unbelievable” hilarious Channel 5 MTV video which has since gone viral.


However for readers who have yet to see the MTV, be warned this song WILL get stuck in your head!
Trust me lar!
Do have a great weekend!


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