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Types of Refrigerator: French Doors, Top & Bottom, and Side-by-side

If you’ve been shopping around for a refrigerator for your new home, you’ll have noticed the various types of refrigerators out there. Not every model comes with a freezer top, however. In fact, the type of refrigerator depends on your needs, shopping habits and household size. So what are the different types you can buy? Let’s check out a few options.



French Doors

Like its namesake, this type of refrigerator has twin doors with a freezer at the bottom. Great for families that indulges in extravagant cook-outs, such models are often among the more expensive options. Since you can open the twin doors at the same time, it allows you to store wide dishes such as pizzas or platters of food. Aesthetically pleasing on the eyes, this type of refrigerator even comes with 3 or 4 doors.


Top & Bottom Freezer

Perhaps the most common type of refrigerator used in Singapore due to its affordability, the top freezer fridge is as its name suggests; it has a freezer at the top of the unit. Such fridges are typically spacious, but require deep wide spaces for installation so that the doors can be opened fully. People on the shorter side or kids may also find it challenging to reach for items stored at the back of the freezer, due to the height. In such cases, you may want to consider getting the bottom freezer for the family. Although its design is somewhat similar to the top freezer fridge, its freezer is usually at the bottom and may be a little more expensive.


Side by Side

Boasting a side-by-side door design, this model features the refrigerator and freezer right next to each other. Its narrow design not only provides a stylish option for small kitchens, it also makes it more convenient for people to access both fresh and frozen food. The space is quite constrained though, so there is little space for large platters of food.


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