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Twelve Design Promises Quality Service

Every interior design firm has a story. We had the honour of sitting down with Twelve Design’s Director, Jason Phui to find out what theirs is.



Why interior design? / How did Twelve Design begin?
I was from another industry, doing sales all along. I got into this industry with a friend and picked up the ropes strenuously for the first 2 years. From there, since I had the passion and I liked soft furnishings, I made a switch from electronics to interior design.



What is your opinion on the interior design scene in Singapore? How does the market look?
I find the ID scene in Singapore somehow messy in the sense that there are always complaints about bad contractors not using what they promised, [not charging] what they quoted. We want to differentiate ourselves as a company that does our business with passion and integrity.


What do you think is Twelve Design’s greatest strength?
Service and after-sales service. We have been relying heavily on referrals thus far. For example, when we designed and built one of the offices, the staff and directors said, “Hey Jason, I think I like what you’ve done. My house is coming next month or so.” And that’s where we get our new businesses.



Could you show us some examples of this (strength) in your previous works?
We received a lot of referrals from our existing clients so hopefully this can continue. We are also looking into some expansion plans towards media and print advertisements to enhance our business.



Do you have a favourite concept? E.g. minimalist, industrial, etc.
I prefer a minimalist look. Nowadays, many homeowners — especially the young executives — are looking into minimalist aspects as well. Less clutter, clean-cut, and easy maintenance.


I’m sure you were greatly involved in the design of your own home. Which aspect of it are you most proud of?
I do not have a [domestic] helper, so my wife and I do most of the housework. The minimalist look (less clutter, less cleaning, less maintenance) definitely helps.



Where do you usually get your inspiration/new ideas from?
I attend the International Bangkok Furniture Fair every year to get new ideas and to look at interior trends. Sometimes we even learn from our clients who are more exposed to European and modernised designs.



Is there a time of day you work best? E.g. early in the morning, etc.
I’m an early person. I wake up at about 6am, when there are minimal disturbances; no incoming calls, no contractors hounding me.


If you had to pick one most important thing people should know about Twelve Design, what is it?
We are never the cheapest, we are never the most expensive, either. What’s most important is the chance given to us to first submit a proposal and interact with our clients. We emphasise on quality time with clients to ensure both parties [us and the clients] understand what needs to be done.



Where do you see Twelve Design five or ten years from now? What do you hope to achieve?
We definitely need to grow by venturing into new products and offering new solutions to our clients. For example, we now have some home automation products. Singapore is moving towards becoming a smart nation, so we hope that we can ride the wave and grow as a company with our clients.

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