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Turning a room into a masculine study


There are many things you can do to give your husband’s study a masculine feel. Probably the quickest and easiest, as well as the most reasonable, thing you can do is paint. If you’re not overly concerned about making the room appear as large as possible, painting the walls a deep rich colour such as forest green or burgandy, immediately gives the room a masculine look. If you think this would be too much and are afraid that the room can’t handle such a dramatic colour, think about using a warm, medium brown. This would also give the room a masculine feeling without being quite so dark.

A heavily textured or tartan plaid wallpaper will also give the room this effect but a simple can of paint can do wonders in creating a mood.

I have found that the selection of deep rich colours of paint is often very difficult to perceive from, a small chip in the paint store. The colour becomes such a focal point of the room that it is imperative that it be precisely right. If you’re considering this, I would suggest purchasing a quart of the colour you think is correct and try it first to make sure it’s what you want

Keep the ceiling light but not stark white. It would be too much of a contrast against the dark walls.

If at all possible, stain the trim in the room and consider adding some molding around the ceiling line. Medi­um to dark stained wood adds a richness and would be very effective, especially if you can incorporate some built in bookcases that would be stained to match.

Because deeply coloured walls do not reflect a lot of light, the artificial lighting in a room such as this is crucial. Your eye instinctively follows

light If you balance the light and try to position it as close as possible to the four corners of the room, it will be the most effective.

Consider using brass lamps. Not only is brass masculine in feel, it also provides a nice contrast to the dark walls and wood.

Recessed lights in the ceiling, indirect lights in the bookcases, and picture lights to shine down on the arty

and sconces on the wall are all other lighting possibilities that should be considered.

You mention that you can’t afford much in the way of furniture. Be it now or a possibility for the future, leather is always a welcome addition to a masculine study and again adds anoth­er rich texture.

If leather is out of the question financially, a wool or woolblend would be an excellent alternative choice for an upholstery fabric.

For the floor covering, if you’re fortunate enough to have hardwood floors, by all means leave them exposed and use an area-rug. If you choose to install wall-to-wall, good options are those that are patterned (such as a plaid), textured or tightly woven with no sheen. Carpeting with a sheen finish tends to be formal and dressy. This would not be the effect you want in a masculine study such as this.

Traditional prints, oils and etchings would be appropriate art for the walls. They do not have to be originals. Nicely framed reproductions will produce the desired effect.

In a traditionally masculine room such as this, I think draperies mounted on wooden or brass rods, covered with a simple wood cornice or a tailored fabric valance are the best choices for your window treatments. Wooden shut­ters could also be considered and may work” nicely in the room. I would avoid using contemporary window treat­ments Such as vertical louvers, mini blinds or pleated shades.

If you think draperies are your best option, don’t select a dressy fabric such as an antique satin, moire or damask. A textured fabric, such as a heavily stubbed linen, or even a burlap would be far more in keeping with the masculine ambiance to the room. A suitable pattern in a cotton or wool could also be a possibility.

The various colours, patterns and textures used throughout the room play off one another yet combine to create a very interesting, dramatic and certainly masculine aura for your husband’s study.

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