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REVIEW: Turbo-Charged My Kitchen!

HDB kitchens are so small, that many of us, including me, are going for the open concept route. While the kitchen space is resolved by hacking down the wall, the lack of one also creates other challenges in our daily life such as the exposure of cooking fumes and grease to other areas of your home.

This is why it is so important to select a proper hood and hob that can help to absorb grease and fumes. There are various types to select from in the market, several with good features integrated. Here’s a simple guide to choosing a suitable hood and hob.

There are mainly five types of hoods: slimline, telescopic, conventional, chimney and island. If you do not cook that often, slimline or telescopic hood will be good enough. They will flush with your kitchen cabinets, making the design more seamless. But if cook a lot, like me, we will need a hood with more suction power. A chimney or an island hood will be necessary, unless you don’t mind living in a smoky home.

There are also five main types of hobs: induction, electric plate, ceramic, gas and gas on glass. Gas on glass hobs are made of tempered glass that are easy to clean, incorporating cast iron grids which are more stable, resistant and durable.

After much research and comparison, I decided to settle on the Turbo Italia’s hood and hob for my kitchen. I zeroed in to the Turbo Incanto series. Here is what I have gotten for myself:

The Turbo Incanto Chimney Hood and the Turbo Incanto Glass Hob are two very sleek and elegant pieces of kitchen equipment. When installed together, they complement each other perfectly, turning my kitchen into a beautiful space perfect for showing off to my guests!


Classy and convenient, yet powerful – Turbo Incanto TD8188-BK

Turbo Incanto Chimney Hood – TD8188-BK

This chimney style hood makes my cooking space look like a professional kitchen. Made from stainless steel, it is easy to clean and maintain. I love the glass touchscreen controls because they look simple yet beautiful, adding a touch of modern to the design. It also offers a three-speed fan with boost. The 320-watt hood motor will surely keep those unwanted smells out of the house.

LED Touchscreen

This hood can easily be installed in the centre of a kitchen as well, integrating well with the rest of my design which clunkier types of hoods wouldn’t. This chimney style hood is quality built all the way through and is slim gorgeous. The lights illuminate the Incanto Glass Hob perfectly for night-time cooking needs. Simply use the LED screen to activate the two 1.5 watt LED lamps.

Check out the hood basic features

There are no buttons or knobs to collect germs and grime. The touchscreen is covered in smooth glass to make cleaning up a little easier. Offering a high-end feel and functionality, this cooker hood is a must-have.


GO GLASS! – Turbo Incanto 752VTSC-LAVA-2

Turbo Italia has outdone themselves with the Turbo Incanto Glass Hob. This fine cook top has a unique and beautiful design. It’s ultra smooth top looks absolutely luxurious and elegant. It also features a built-in battery operated ignition, triple-ring wok burner and two gas burners.

Turbo Incanto 752VTSC-LAVA-2

This hob elegantly compliments the Incanto Chimney Hood, as I mentioned earlier. Together, they make your kitchen seem like a professional kitchen. The hob being made from smooth glass material is so easy to clean!

Turbo 2 burner hob

Kitchen Hob View

The controls are also smoothed out and easy to maintain so that dirt and food grime do not built up in them.

Turbo’s technology uses the gas smartly to power its flame, hence you will get instant flame. This means you can your meals are cooked faster and more consistently.

Together, the Incanto Turbo Hood and Incanto Turbo Hob complete any kitchen whether large or small. Their exquisite design and wonderful features mean you can get the look and function of a professional kitchen! I am certainly glad that I chose these two superb kitchen accessories for my kitchen and I suggest you give them a try as well.


A few tips to note when using a glass hob:

1. Take a look at these icons printed on the hob. We are reminded not to use oversize pots on this hob, which apply to most of the glass hobs in the market. Oversized pots can trap and cause heat to build up on the glass surface, making it dangerous to touch.

Cooking pot shapes and sizes

2. If you tend to clean right after cooking, don’t do so with a glass hob. You should only clean when the glass hob surface has completely cool down. Damp cloths will accelerate the cooling down of the surface, which will cause glass to crack easily in the future.


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