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Trend Alert: Virtual Interior Design

Have you ever head of virtual interior design? Is that term something new to you? In this day and age when nearly every other transaction out there can be done via the web, virtual interior design is a whole new concept that is still blossoming.

We took the time to understand what virtual interior design is all about. Virtual interior design is basically interior design companies reaching out to clients via the Internet. There are some clients that are too busy to go down their office, so these virtual interior design companies reach to these clients’ laptops or desk tops and help them get things done.


Often virtual interior design is the highest and most thorough level that a professional interior design company provides. Why is that so, you ask? First of all, it is already a given that the client is busy so you have to work around the requirements that a client gives to you. Often these virtual interior design companies will ask for the client’s preferred color palette, specific lifestyle needs and the upper and lower limit on their budget. Virtual interior design companies often give suggestions for furniture, wall art and often DIY recommendations for a client’s home. The final presentation is called an inspiration board that shows the client what their space will eventually look like.

The client communicates to these virtual interior design companies by emailing photos of their room, giving them dimensions and all other factors that need to be considered. In three days, these virtual interior design companies send out an email with their proposal, including furniture arrangement and jazzing up their space. These companies still encourage their client to pop by their office at least for an hour to discuss things and iron them out to produce the ideal result.

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