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Top 10 Pinterest Home Trends for 2018 (and how to work them into your HDB)

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to look ahead to see what will be trending in 2018. And there’s no better place to start looking than on Pinterest. This virtual inspiration board has been a great design resource for many homeowners to be in Singapore, so it makes sense that we take notes from the site to see what’s going to be big in 2018. The following home trends are what Pinterest says will be trending in the coming year, but we’ve also taken a step further to see how we can include them in the local context.


1. Large Scale Wall Art

Source: Pinterest

We’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again: Art is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a home. And Pinterest agrees with us, announcing large scale wall art as the leading home trend for 2018. Like Pinterest, we think big is always better. And it doesn’t mean you need to have a large home to include one in your space, because oversized art works just as well (or even better) in a small space like your HDB flat. It dominates the room, while creating an immediate focal point and interest wherever you place it. So easy!

Design: The Scientist


2. Patterned Plants

Source: Pinterest

When we first came across this term, we didn’t know what the heck patterned plants referred to. Were they plants with prints painted on them? After a little digging, we realised it’s something a little more organic. Patterned plants are actually foliage with elaborate textures or designs on their leaves. This trend works with plants like Snake Plant, Devil’s Ivy, and Calathea Orbifolia. We can totally understand the hype, seeing as indoor greenery has been increasingly popular. The next sensible step would be to use plants that add a whole new visual dimension to your interior design.

Design: The Local Inn.terior


3. Mixed Metals

Source: Pinterest

We were a little surprise to see this make the 2018 list. Mixing metals in home décor was really popular in 2015 and 2016, and we thought it finally ran its course in 2017. According to Pinterest, apparently not. But we’re seeing a shift in this trend. While it was geared towards metals like copper and rose gold back then, the trend seems to be shifting towards other metals like chrome, bronze and the classic gold for 2018. If you’re thinking of experimenting with this trend, here’s a design tip: rather than mix metal varieties, combine various tones of the same metal instead.

Design: The Scientist


4. Terrazzo

Source: Pinterest

If there was a comeback kid for design materials, it would be terrazzo. The material has been making plenty of international design headlines in 2017, and hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of it in 2018. In Singapore, terrazzo as a hip, design trend hasn’t quite taken off yet. It was commonly used in older HDB flats as a flooring material due to its economical nature and today, it is still associated with the old school and retro. Nonetheless, we’re seeing more folks paying mind to this material, with homeowners of older resale apartments retaining their original terrazzo flooring in their renovations. We’re crossing our fingers that terrazzo will finally take off here in the new year as more than just a retro flooring option. Our favourite new way of using it? As a really hip backsplash or even a countertop!

Design: Ted ID


5. Statement Ceilings

Source: Pinterest

White, bare ceilings will be so 2017, if Pinterest had their way. Instead, the plain and simple ceiling will give way to the attention-grabbing. Think bold hues, intricate wood features, and dramatic wallpapers. If you’re afraid the look will be too much in a small space like your HDB, which doesn’t have much of a height room to begin with, you can always keep the statement ceiling to small quotients or have it at a smaller part of the home, like the foyer area or the interior walkway.

Design: Ju Design Studio


6. Resort-inspired Décor

Source: Pinterest

Resort-inspired looks have always been a classic. If you’ve always wanted to recreate this look, channel the décor style of Balinese resorts with materials like teak and stone, sandy and earthy palettes, rattan furniture, and a bright and breezy interior with an open-plan concept. In Singapore, this look can be expensive to emulate, so most homeowners tend to only restrict them to the bathroom. But hey, since we’re spending about 1.5 years of a lifetime in the bathroom, doing it up luxury resort style seems like a wise decision, no?

Design: Liid Studio


7. Bone Inlay Furniture

Source: Pinterest

Inlay is a means of decorating something with layers of fine materials set in its surface to create patterns. So bone inlay furniture means decorating furniture with layers of fine bone or, more popular nowadays, pearl. We haven’t seen a lot of this in Singapore, but we like how bone inlay furniture aisimmediate show stealers with their elaborate designs. If you’re looking around for one, check out Hacienda Blue. This local store carries a range of bone inlay pieces from large furniture pieces like dressers to smaller accessories like table trays. Bone inlay pieces go great with a coastal themed or a contemporary home.

Source: Hacienda Blue


8. Sage

Source: Pinterest

We know Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 is the very royal Ultra Violet. And judging by your responses on our Instagram, you guys don’t seem to like it too. Instead, embrace this much subtler hue, Sage. It’s a colour that oozes calm and it’s so popular because it works well either as a neutral or as a stand-out, feature colour. We like it with shiny accents, but it goes together with just about anything!

Design: Collective Designs


9. Herringbone Tiling

Source: Pinterest

It seems 2018’s home trend list is heading back to the classics. Yet another timeless design, herringbone tiles are back, bigger than ever, this new year. This style is great on a small surface like a kitchen backsplash but it works well on a bigger surface too. A perennial favourite is to use white subway tiles to recreate the look, but really, the possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for another way to include this gorgeous tile pattern in your home, we think it’s a lovely choice on flooring. Mix things up with different coloured tiles and create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Design: The 80’s Studio


10. Colourful Doors

Source: Pinterest

Standard HDB doors are totally devoid of personality, which is why we’re so in favour of this last Pinterest trend. If you’re doing the painting yourself, make sure you clean your door first to remove any dirt and dust. Then lightly sand it down before doing an undercoat to ensure the topcoat paint can go on evenly. Once the undercoat is dry, apply the first layer of your topcoat. Wait for that to dry before painting the second layer. Depending on whether your paints are water-based or oil-based, it will take from a couple of hours to a day for them to dry. Tip: Unless you’re painting the hardware, make sure you cover your hardware properly before painting. Another tip: Do up the edges of your door first before moving on to the faces. Paint from the edges tend to seep into the faces during painting, so to prevent excess paint from getting to your door’s edges, do the sides first.

Design: Free Space Intent

We’ve seen what Pinterest has to say for 2018. While trends are great for seeing what’s up and coming, they aren’t hard-and-fast rules. Follow what you love and ignore those that you don’t. Ultimately, your home should reflect your wants and needs rather than what’s in or out.

Which trend are you looking forward to see in 2018? For more decor and design inspiration, check out Renonation’s Pinterest board.


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