Top 8 Easy Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Span of Your Washing Machine

  • Apr 26, 2019

Apart from the refrigerators, the washers and dryers are the next most expensive kitchen household appliances. The washers and dryers are delicate and sophisticated machines which are used at least once a week. Hence, in order to extend their lifespan, carrying out a proper maintenance routine is a must!

Do You Know? The average lifespan of a washing machine is typically around 10-14 years

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Types of Washers

There are generally 2 different types of washers; front-load and top-load washers. Front-load washers are popular choices for space-challenged homeowners since they can be stacked with dryers on top, with the help of a stacking kit. Built for efficiency, the front-load washers use 66% lesser amount of water and energy per cycle and cleans better as compared with top loaders.

Without a proper maintenance routine, the most common types of problem that homeowners face is the mould, mildew and nasty odour that developed in the washers. Mould and mildew are easily developed in the following places which have been exposed to water; the detergent dispenser, drum, rubber gasket and the drain pump filter. When the mould and mildew are not properly removed, it can actually make the homeowners very sick.

#1. Keep Moisture Away from the Drum & Gasket

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After every use, remove the remaining water off of the door, rubber gasket and drum with a lint-free rug. Leave the door ajar to enable the remaining moisture to fully evaporate. In addition, never leave damp clothes to sit in the washer overnight.

#2. Eliminate Mold/Mildew

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Eliminate the mould and mildew by running a cleaning cycle once a month with either concentrated bleach tablet or bleach solution to clean out the insides of the washer.

#3. Remove Residue & Slime

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Keep the rubber door gasket clean by cleaning it with either a lint-free rug soaked with warm soapy water. Scrub the detergent dispenser with a soft brush and clean out the drain pump, filter every few weeks. You can refer to the washer's user manual for specific instructions.

#4. Rid Unpleasant Odor

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To get rid of the smell, mix 1/2 part of baking soda in the drum and add 1 part of white vinegar into the detergent dispenser. Run a cleaning cycle with hot water and repeat the cleaning cycle until the odour is completely removed.

#5. Inspect the Washer Water Hoses

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Check the washer's water hoses for wear and tear twice a year and replace them with high-quality, stainless steel when necessary. This will prevent the washer from flooding your kitchen during an unexpected water leak or burst.

#6. Never Overload the Washer 

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Check the washer's manual instructions for appropriate loading loads and sizes. This is because overloading the washer will throw it off its balance and place extra strain on the electrical appliance.

#7. Use the Right Detergent

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The front-load and top-load washer have different washing mechanism and hence, different types of detergents are needed. The main difference between the top loader and front loader detergent lies in the detergent suds and lather formula. As a front-load washer uses much lesser water, HE low suds formula detergent is sufficient since it produces less lather and the dirt and soap residue is easily removed with lesser water. Hence, if the wrong detergent is used for the front-load washer, soap residue will be left on clothing and the washer drum.

#8. Know the right items that can be used with the washer

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Other than washing your clothes, bed sheets and towels, the washer can actually do much more!

1. Soft Toys Before bagging the soft toys into a mesh laundry bag, you should repair the soft toys if there are rips to prevent the fillings from falling out. Wash the soft toys in a warm water with a gentle wash cycle.

Do you know? 80% of cuddly toys found to harbor potentially dangerous bacteria. Tests showed one in four are contaminated with feces.

2. Backpacks & Bags Only backpacks and bags which are made of fabric, nylon and vinyl can be washed in the washer. Remember to completely empty the pockets, patch the loose threads or tears, turn the backpacks and bags inside out and place them into a mesh laundry bag before tossing them into the washer. You can use a bit of disinfectant in the wash cycle to remove the bacteria in the backpacks and bags

3. Lunch Bag Aside from the mold and yeast, a lunch bag can also be easily contaminated by bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. Cali. Hence, the lunch bags should also be washed with a bit of disinfectant in a warm gentle cycle.

Do you know? A 2016 study by cleaning cloth company e-cloth found that almost three-quarters of fabric lunch boxes contained mould, reported, and 20 per cent contained harmful bacteria like staphylococcus and enterococci.


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